XML Parse Error

FINALLY!!! I’m just so happy to be able to fix my XML Parsing Error. I experienced that error since late 2009 I think and I’m on the search on how to solve it. Here’s what to do if ever you encountered this error:

XML parsing error: <unknown>:1406:0: junk after document element [help]


I don’t know if this is similar with all blog hosts like Blogger, Xanga, etc. I’m using WordPress so this specifically worked for me. Anyway, to elaborate kindly see image below:

The HTML below the “/rss” code is not a valid XML structure. If you go to FEED VALIDATOR to validate your rss feeds, you’ll see the error on the first image. If you click on the help, they will give you a summarized information on what error is it and how to solve it. Unfortunately, the info is not enough for someone who is not that knowledgeable in XML and WordPress better yet no programming skills.

Since I’m rebuilding my blogs and soon to be other blogs, I’m trying to clean, update and fix errors that used to be my problem for some time now. The main error I’m encountering is the RSS Feed. If you notice, you can’t subscribe to my blog since it will give you an error. So I disabled it until I solve the issue. Fortunately today, after reading a number of solutions with almost the same problem as mine that is not applicable to me, I found the solution! Thank you for WordPress Support for helping people solve their issues in wordpress.

A problem with a title “Integration into existing site, RSS not parsing” solved my problem. Thanks to Robert_ITman who shared his expertise on this.

SOLUTION: Add < ?php die; ?> after in the files: /wp-includes/feed-rss2.php and feed-rss2-comments.php

I remembered I integrated Blogger to WordPress early on. I didn’t even bother to think that it might cause the problem. All the while I was searching on XML Parse Error which totally didn’t give me the right solutions. Now I learned that when searching solutions in the net, you don’t have to stick on the topic alone. You have to be resourceful enough and a little analytical to see where the problem is.

Oh well, enough for the technicality. You can now subscribe to my blog thru RSS.

WordPress Troubleshoot

I’m having a hard time editing my wordpress code but it excites me to see that it’s working. :)

I just realized that having a different hosting service and domain registration will require some effort to make it functional especially if you’re a beginner just like me.

Oh well, for my specs. I’m using WordPress 2.9.1, hosted by Adquarium (which was given to me by free by my classmate in College, Cholo Asis), and registered my domain in Websitespot.com. It was the cheapest rate I saw. My domain is only $7.67 a year. I registered for a year just to try this famous wordpress application.

True enough, you can modify your blog in anyway you like. You have an interface that is user-friendly so even if you’re just a beginner, you’ll understand it right away. Besides, there are numerous sites available on how to manipulate or use WordPress.

I still need to improve my blog and here are some of those:

1. Create my own template (this will take time I know!)

2. Create my own banner.

3. Blog something interesting everyday  (hhmm.. can I?)

4. Learn how to monetize my blog.

I really hope that by the end of this year, my blog will improve in terms of its layout, content and earnings as well.


What now?!

I now have my account in blogspot. Why?! This is all because of Roan, Trish, Xtian and Del.. hahaha.. my Penshoppers Family! Oh well, have to update my online pages..

1. my website
2. friendster blog
3. blogspot template

This will keep me busy.. hehehe..