Sunshine after the Rain

We’ve experienced a lot of rains these past few days and today, the sun was out!

It’s so nice to see the sun again. I was literally leaping for joy the moment I get out our house and see the surroundings dry, the blue skies and the warm sunshine.

sunshine image by

I know, Filipinos can’t be happier.


Please continue to donate to the victims of the recent calamity. All your help in every kind is very much appreciated. You can check out how to donate here.

NESCAFE is brewing something NEW

I am not a coffee drinker before. However, when I started working I learned how to drink one. At first it was too bitter for me but eventually I get used to it. That’s when I also loved Nescafe’s 3 in 1. They also have different coffee variants for everyone. Now, NESCAFÉ is again brewing something NEW for all of us.

Nescafe revamped their corporate site, a new online world of NESCAFÉ Philippines – a world without borders – just curvy lines that go on and on, to form snapshot stories and emotions of what NESCAFÉ ultimately stands for, “simple joys.


The content of the site was also refashioned. The new site features the Coffee ABC - an encycolpedia of all the information, trivia, and factoids about coffee and NESCAFÉ, all in little digestible portions. One can literally enrich their coffee vocabulary, from A to Z.


Not only that, you can also check their range of coffee products just by clicking “Our Coffees” in the header. You’ll instantly be directed to a page where you can see a comprehensive menu of NESCAFÉ’s brands and variants.


There is really more to coffee than the cup on your table. Let the new NESCAFÉ site show you the simple and happy world of coffee, that your cup can’t. Visit and let the discovery begin. You can also check out their Facebook page and get a chance to win a Trip to Boracay for 2.

Check out the famous Nescafe TVC that is a major LSS too… Haha! (I think the girl looks like Heart Evangelista)