2010 Boracay Paradise Day 1: Beach Strolling and Paraw Sailing

We were booked in Philippine Airlines bound for Kalibo. We took the earliest flight so that we can maximize our time in Boracay. We were there in the airport 1 hour before the flight, we miscalculated our travel time since we based our time going to Airport Terminal 3. Since PAL has their own terminal, it’s a bit far than usual.

We hurriedly went inside and checked in our baggages. The nice attendant gave us the “Choice Seat” which is preferred by other people since it is in the Emergency Exit. It was my first time to seat there and never thought that there were “Choice Seats” in the plane. I only know “Reserved Seating“. Hahaha! I think it’s additional 200 for the seat but he said that he will give us the seat for free because it’s the only seats available. We felt lucky in a way. ^__^

Philippine Airline's Choice Seat

We arrived in Kalibo earlier than expected. The weather was good and the sun is shining brightly at 10:00am! We went inside and got our baggages. We went to the bus transfer for Caticlan. They gave us a sticker for identification and a cardboard with number. It’s their boarding pass for the bus. We rode the Southwest bus which I think is the official transfer bus from Kalibo to Caticlan. It took us around 2.5hours ride from Kalibo to Caticlan.

Landed in Kalibo Airport

Kalibo Airport

Bus Boarding Pass and ID

Southwest Bus

When we arrived in Caticlan, we were brought to Boracay Regency’s transfer boat from Caticlan to Boracay. We took another van transfer going to the port transfer. I thought we’re riding a big boat similar to Puerto Galera’s boat ride but I was wrong. I was surprised that the transfer transportation is a speedboat! It’s our first time to ride one so we were excited. When we arrived to Boracay Island, we took another van going to the hotel. We were the first one to be dropped since the rest of the passengers were booked in Boracay Regency. It was a long tiring travel where we took all kinds of transfer: Air Transfer, Land Transfer and Water/Sea Transfer. All in one day! :p

Sea Transfer: Speedboat

Boracay Regency

We approached the help desk and gave them the GC from Sunlife. They recognized it and gave me the form for checking in. Regency Lagoon is a new resort by Boracay Regency. It’s not by the beach compared to Boracay Regency but this has a large pool and great food menu.

Regency Lagoong Check In

Panoramic View of Regency Lagoon's Lobby

Pool View from the Balcony

Regency Lagoon's Deluxe Room

We took a rest for a while and then went strolling in Boracay. We should’ve taken our lunch in Regency Lagoon but we didn’t know that we won’t be taking our lunch in the resort the next day. We should’ve saved Php400 that day. We went to eat lunch in Island Chicken Inasal similar to all Inasal stores in town but this seems to serve the slowest of all. It was already 3pm that time and we were so hungry but we still have to wait 20-30mins for the food. Nothing special with the chicken though.

Regency Lagoon's Beach Transfer

Island Chicken Inasal Menu

Chicken Inasal

After lunch, we went to DMall to stroll then we took a classic picture infront of Boracay Regency. I remember the first time I went there, we took a picture infront of the resort so we can disguise our friends that we stayed there. But it never worked since majority of the Filipino tourists seems to have a picture in that Resort. The main difference I noticed in Boracay during peak season and off peak is the crowd. It’s fewer than the last time I went there but I liked it this way. Also, the main downside is the wind breaker. Since it’s windy infront of Station 1-3, they need to setup a windbreaker so that stalls won’t get ruined because of the strong winds. There were huge waves too so we didn’t bother to swim around the area.

Boracay D'Mall

Boracay Regency

We went to Paraw Station 1 to inquire about their Paraw Sailing. It’s just Php500 for a ride so we booked one. We didn’t took the Havaianas sailboat and other fancy sailboat, ours is an ordinary one. We went back to the Resort to prepare for some action ride since it’s windy and wavy.

Paraw Sailing

Paraw Sailboat Ride

We had fun riding the sailboat with water splashing in our faces. I accidentally deleted the video that’s why I can’t share how angry the water during those times. After some time, we saw rain coming. The dark clouds made all the sailboats rush to the land. We were cheering our sailors to sail as fast as the can to reach the shore. We all had a great time.

After the Paraw Sailboat Ride

Boracay Sand Art

After the sailing, we went home to swim in the pool of the resort. It has a bar in the middle of the pool and guests orders margaritas and beers that time. We loved the warm water of the pool because after the splashing of salt water and getting wet in the rain, it was nice to feel the warm water in the pool. After swimming, we ate our dinner and slept early since we will need all the energy we have for the next day’s activities.

Dinner Menu

First Dinner

Check out the IT for 3D/2N here: Boracay Paradise : It’s Time’s Advocacy Grand Prize!

Boracay Paradise : It’s Time’s Advocacy Grand Prize!

Almost all the blogs and forums that I read says that going to Boracay in August is not a good choice since it’s the rainy season in the Philippines. However, since the last weekend of August is a long weekend, we decided to claim my prize of 3D/2N in Regency Lagoon, Boracay, Philippines. We didn’t regret going there on August. We never experienced heavy rains except for our first night. After that, it’s like summer! ^__^

Here’s our itinerary for 3D/2N:

August 28, 2010:      Early Morning flight to Kalibo and Paraw Sailing

August 29, 2010:      Sunday Mass in Boracay, Island Hopping and ATV Ride

August 30, 2010:      Para Sailing and Helmet Diving (Reef Walking)

A weekend full of fun and adventure! Thank you so much to Sun Life for sponsoring our Airfare, Hotel Accommodation with Full Board Meals.

It’s Time! Grand Prize – Claimed!

After the Press Conference, Tara Cabullo, Digital and Creative Marketing Analyst and Gregory Martin, Chief Strategic Marketing Officer handed me my prize: A Gift Certificate from Boracay Regency Lagoon.

I still have to get in touch with Tara for the plane tickets. We are planning to go there by August 28-30, 2010 since the 30th is a Philippine Holiday.

I am now researching on what to do in Boracay, will try to maximize our time there. I’ll make a draft IT for our Boracay trip. ^_^