Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

If I were to star my own film, I’d like to be… Iron Woman! hahaha! Guess, I’m still not over the Iron Man hype. Hehe. :p

At first, I’d love to be a Disney Princess like I used to but being Iron Woman would be great too.

Iron Woman would be someone similar to Iron Man less Pepper Potts of course. It would be great to be someone who everyone can look up to and can be there whenever you need a helping hand or when you’re in trouble.

It may not be a glamorous thing but surely it takes a lot of courage and wisdom to know when and how to help people who are in need.

Another thing, it would be awesome to repay people who extended their hand to help you in times of need. Like the little guy who helped him re-charge his suit MK42 after landing in Tenesse.

Lastly, your movie is not complete without getting a bucket of popcorn and munching it while you’re into it. Kettle Korn would definitely make watching movies poppin’ fun all time.

So how do you enjoy your movies?


Random Acts of Kindness at the Ayala Malls: Day 10 – CINEMA

On the 10th day of #KindnessattheAyalaMalls Christmas, they courageously went inside a cinema and gave the movie goers some treats!

Random Acts of Kindness at the Ayala Malls: Day 10

The featured cinema is Greenbelt 3’s Cinema 2. On that day, FREE Popcorn from Taters were generously shared by Ayala Malls to the random mall goers.

Were you able to witness this? You can see the video here:

By the looks of it, I bet they enjoyed the movie more than ever! Who wouldn’t want to get some popcorn when watching a movie? Only 2 days left, can you guess what’s next?

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To get updates, make sure you follow Ayala Malls on:
Twitter: @AyalaMalls

Movie 2012: The Vow

I was supposed to publish this yesterday but there was a problem with my hosting services. Anyways, here’s my entry!

Movie Cast

Rachel McAdams as Paige
Channing Tatum as Leo

To view the whole cast: Check IMDB

Check out their Official Website: The Vow

Movie Synopsis

A newlywed couple recovers from a car accident that puts the wife in a coma. Waking up with severe memory loss, her husband endeavors to win her heart again.

Moral Lesson
Lesson on accepting the person as they are and know when to let go.
Never giving up on someone you love.

My Reaction
The story was very similar to the korean film “A moment to remember“. However, unlike the korean film where the girl suffered from alzheimer’s disease, this one suffered from a memory loss caused by a car accident.

I like how the story goes and how they ended it. A very good film not only for married couples to check how strong their love is for their partner. Besides the fact that both chaning tatum and Rachel mcadams looks stunning, their character made it more appealing. They really portrayed their roles well. As much as I want to comment both on their gorgeousness, well I chose not to. Hahaha!

What amazes me that it was a real story. The girl’s memory didn’t go back but they were happy together with 2 children. It was one kind of a story but it just displays how they truly love one another.

A real life fairy tale with a happy ending.

Movie 2012: Underworld Awakening

*Late post*

Movie Cast:

Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Stephen Rea as Dr. Jacob Lane
Michael Ealy as Detective Sebastian
Theo James as David

To see the whole cast, check out IMDB.

Movie Summary:

When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences. The vampire warrioress Selene leads the battle against humankind. — IMDB

Moral Lesson:

Sorry, I can’t think of any at this moment. If you have one, share it to me.

* Reaction:

If I were to describe the latest installment of the Underworld franchise in a single word, it would be chaos.  The movie was dark, literally, from beginning to end.  It started out with action, and ended in action.  It was like an action movie set in a very dark place where Norris and Stalone were replaced by vampires and lycans.

The plot was simple, told through 60 minutes of intense flying, running, chasing, biting, shooting, killing, and then more killing.  The movie was so dominated by fight sequences that came one after the other, there was barely enough time for the audience to catch their breath and take the story in.

At the end of the movie, questions left unanswered were aplenty.  I, for one, found myself slightly exhausted by all the action.  Aside from Kate Beckinsale, kick-ass original she-vampire that she was, the rest of the movie pretty much sucked.


Have you watched that film? How was it?


* The reaction was contributed by my friend Jim Duldulao. You can visit his blog: Chasing the Sun.


Movie 2011: Dolphin Tale

A beautiful story about friendship and family.

Main Cast
Harry Connick Jr. as Dr. Clay Haskett
Ashley Judd as Lorraine Nelson
Nathan Gamble as Sawyer Nelson
Kris Kristofferson as Reed Haskett
Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Hazel Haskett
Morgan Freeman as Dr. Cameron McCarthy
Austin Stowell as Kyle Connellan

To see the whole cast, visit IMDB: Dolphin Tale.

Movie Summary
A lonely boy found a dolphin that was hurt because of a crab trap. He manages to untie him before the rescuers came. He visit the dolphin named as Winter almost everyday of his summer. He became attached to the dolphin and doing his best to take care of her especially when her tail was cut off because of the injury. He was always there for Winter and gives him hope that she would be able to swim again like the normal dolphins. With the help of Dr. Cameron, who was expert in Prosthetic created a tail that would help Winter to swim again. Through the staff and Sawyer’s patience of helping Winter to survive, she was able to swim like the other normal dolphins again.

Winter’s situation inspired all people who had problems in their physical aspect to never give up. Their disability should not be a reason for them to stop dreaming and believing in their capability.

In the end, the Marine hospital who was taking care of Winter was saved from being sold and was given a funding for the hospital’s renovation and other financial matters. He was told that as long as Dr. Clay runs the hospital, the benefactor would always be there to help him.

Moral Lesson
There are many quotable quotes in the movie about courage and hope. Some of those were:

Never give up…
Family is Forever..
When you’re hurting, it doesn’t mean that you’re broken..
Great Things Can Come From A Crab Trap
Just cause we haven’t got to where the star is taking us doesn’t mean it’s the wrong star. –Dr. Cameron McCarthy

My Reaction
A movie that gives you hope and makes you think of what’s important to you. I like the whole story and I even got teary eyed in many scenes. A lot of touching situations that will surely make you sigh and would definitely touch your heart. It gives you hope and make you aware of the reality that we have plenty disabled brothers and sisters that needs our support and encouragement.

It’s not always that we see films that are based from a true story. I like how they incorporated the actual one after the movie. You can even visit Winter in her website: See Winter.

A light movie and an inspiring one. Two thumbs up for the creator of the film. ^_^

Movie 2011: Zombadings 1 – Patayin sa Shokot si Remington


Main Cast

Martin Escudero as Remington
Lauren Young as Hanna
Kerbie Zamora
Janice de Belen
John Regala
Angelina Kanapi
Leandro Baldemor
Daniel Fernando

With the special participation of:

Roderick Paulate
Eugene Domingo

Check out their official Facebook Page: Remington The Movie by Origin8 Media

Movie Summary

A young boy who disrespects gay people so was cursed that he will be “gay” when he grows up.

In their town, there was a threat for gays since one by one they gays are being killed. During this time, Remington finds himself becoming gay day by day. In the end, he search for truth and finds the cure for the curse.

Moral Lesson

Respect is the ultimate lesson for this movie. Not because one is gay, he should be criticized and be teased.

My Reaction

This was one of the hilarious Filipino movies I’ve ever watched in the big screen. The role of Remington played by Martin Escudero was surprisingly effective. Later I knew he’s not gay. The participation of Eugene Domingo and Roderick Paulate though they have little exposure executed their roles well. It was one good movie!

One outstanding scene was when Remington’s dad simply took the place of Remington without hesitation to remove the curse. The love of a parent was also portrayed in the film.

I really enjoyed it and I hope they will do the part 2 already so they can release it by early next year. :)

Movie 2011: Contagion

An outbreak that kills a number of people in just a matter of days.

Main Cast
Gwyneth Paltrow as Beth Emhoff
Matt Damon as Mitch Emhoff
Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Ellis Cheever
Jude Law as Alan Krumwiede
Kate Winslet as Dr. Erin Mears
Marion Cotillard as Dr. Leonora Orantes

To see the whole cast, you can check it in IMDB.

Movie Summary

A deadly disease originated somewhere in the world that spreads to different countries. The person who has the virus dies in days and no one knows where it came from. The index patient was Beth Emhoff played by Gwyneth Paltrow. The experts on the field examined and tried to find out where it originated and how it was spread. While the investigation was on-going, thousands of people already died because of the epidemic. The scientists are already creating an anti-virus or cure for the said disease. In the end, a cure was made and was given to people.

Moral Lesson

Always wash your hands! Hahaha! :)

My Reaction

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the movie. It was a long dragging story of someone who got the virus from a chef! You can be contaminated by just touching something that the person held even if it’s just a book or a mobile phone. They terms used was all related to scientific research and all these medical jargons. I think someone who is related to that field would be probably the only ones who will appreciate the movie.

The actors and actresses chosen to do the film are well known but I don’t think this movie is something they can brag about. Again, this is only my opinion. They did their part well but it’s just not enough to showcase their talents.

On the positive side, I acknowledge the fact that it informed the viewers on how a disease can be contagious and can be an outbreak at once. I now admire the works of the scientists who constantly research on finding cure in the viruses they encounter every day. The doctor’s service and compassion was also demonstrated throughout the film.

In summary, if one wants to know something about a disease or an epidemic, you’ll appreciate the movie. Also, you will now be cautious in what you hold and will somehow be paranoid when you touch something or see someone who has flu.

I almost forgot, the role of Jude Law being one of the bloggers is also important. It just shows that media network and the internet gives information that can either be good or bad to people. The blogosphere is such a powerful tool to inform the whole world of our day to day activities as well as the “truth” behind a topic or article. The example he demonstrated in the film can be a wake up call to bloggers out there including me to be responsible in what to write and talk about. He exposed news that are not reliable and even gave them ideas on how to prevent the disease without scientific backup. The fear of the people reading his blog made the situation worst. This is why bloggers should always blog with integrity.

Movie 2011: Final Destination 5

This is a morbid and tragic movie. A different way how to view death. Yikes!

Main Cast
Nicholas D’Agosto as Sam Lawton
Emma Bell as Molly Harper
Miles Fisher as Peter Friedkin

To see all cast kindly check it here.

Movie Summary
Similar to other sequels of this movie, one of them had a vision that they would die in an accident. However, when the visionary reacts and tried to stop the vision, they learned that all who survived in that accident will die sooner or later. The order is how he saw it in his vision.

Moral Lesson
You don’t know when you are going to face death so make every day as if it’s you last day.

My Reaction
It’s morbid! Hahaha! I never liked horror movies but this isn’t considered as a horror movie, right?

Anyway, the movie is a bit shorter than the other sequels and not much action I think. I’m not sure if there is truth on getting another’s life instead of his own will change the course of fate and will eventually die when the time of the one he killed comes. Also, it’s a little bit mysterious how the coroner knew about something similar happened before when in fact, this should be the first sequel of Final Destination movie.

Overall, it was good. I can’t remember the first movie but according to someone who remembered they executed it well and the end of the movie linked a scene from the first movie.

Movie 2011: Cars 2

I always loved Cars the movie that’s why I was so excited for their 2nd movie. My excitement fired up especially when I knew that they will be going to place such as Tokyo, Paris and Rome.

Main Cast
Owen Wilson as voice of Lightning McQueen
Larry the Cable Guy as voice of Mater
To see the whole cast, you can check it here.

Movie Summary
A new alternative for petrol oil was invented and the owner hosted the race that uses the alternative oil instead of what they normally use. Lightning McQueen wasn’t part of the race originally since his team were on a holiday. However, the whole town of Radiator Spring wants him to be part of it so he brought Mater his best friend and the rest of the cars that will help him get through the race to Tokyo where the race will start. Little did they know that the race was sabotage by a group of cars wanted to destroy the future of alternative fuels. It gets a bit mysterious as there were agents trying to solve the problem and Mater being part of the secret investigation.

Moral Lesson
Never let your friend be someone he/she is not.

Arguments and fights in friendship is normal but don’t let it ruin everything.

My Reaction
A colorful display of postcard worthy scenes of different places made me enjoy the whole movie. The visuals were so amazing! They incorporated a number of significant figures and scenes from a particular place and turned every people into cars. You’ll be seeing the Pope in his Pope Mobile as well as the Queen. Haha! I really enjoyed everything except for the technical terms (for cars) used in the movie.

The whole time when Mater was part of the investigation team, they were literally talking about car technicalities. I kept on asking my boyfriend why Mater knew all about it and how he figured out whose the real villain. I had a hard time comprehending what Mater is talking about. It’s unlikely that kids would know these stuff already but I’m sure their dad would explain every thing to them if they’ll have questions after the movie. I wonder if they would actually be interested with those details! I bet the wide range of cars itself will definitely make their movie time the best.

Movie 2011: The Smurfs

I actually am not interested on watching this film. However, since that’s the only film that neither I and my friend have watched, we really have no choice. I’ll just summarize it in 4 categories: Main Cast, Movie Summary, Quotable Quotes/Moral Lesson and My Reaction.

Main Cast
Neil Patrick Harris as Patrick Winslow
Jayma Mays as Grace Winslow

Movie Summary
It is all about Smurfs going to the modern world at the time of the Blue Moon. Their fate was seen by Papa Smurf while doing some spells in his mushroom. Gargamel, the villain was able to destroy the Smurfville because of Clumsy. They all end up in New York and met the couple Patrick and Grace Winslow. They were able to survive their stay in the city as well as opening the tunnel that connects the two worlds. The adventure and mishaps as they try their best to go back to their Smurf world happens in parallel of Patrick’s new promotion and their first baby on the way.

Moral Lesson
“All for one, one for all”
— when they didn’t left Papa Smurf in the hands of Gargamel.

“You’ll know it’s right if it comes in your heart”
— when Papa Smurf had the moment with Patrick while searching for the stars

You should stop for a while to appreciate what’s around you. You might miss it if you don’t.

My Reaction

Well, I’ve never watched Smurf cartoons that’s why I don’t like it that much. It’s fun though but not something I can rave about. I love cartoons, well Disney to be exact but I’m not a fan of combining cartoons and real people in the film. Good thing there are a number of good lessons you can get as you watch the film. I’m sure kids would love this movie since it’s colorful and lively. Just a feel good movie.

You can check out their official website here.

Disclaimer: I’m not a movie critic, reviewer or whatsoever. I’m just a regular person who love to watch movies.