Yummy Friday: Swensen’s Philippines

Okay, I admit. I’m a chocolate and ice cream lover. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods together with chips and popcorns. Haha!

The Ultimate Sundae Experience!!

Swensen’s is an international franchise/ice cream shop born in San Francisco, CA. Since the opening of it’s first shop in 1948, there are now over 300 Swensen’s ice cream shops worldwide, including Asia, the Middle East, USA and South America. Swensen’s has created more than 180 flavors of ice cream that are enjoyed by both young and old. — from Swensen’s PH Facebook About Page

Late last year, Swensen’s opened its door to us Filipinos, the first branch was in SM Mall of Asia and early this year, its second branch opened in Eastwood Mall, Libis.

I had my first Swensen’s experience in Singapore last 2010 when my friends and I visit our friend who works there. Here’s a picture of us with a number of ice cream scoops!


Swensens Singapore 2010

Swensens Singapore 2010: Reg & I

I forgot how much that was but it was a bit pricey for us that time. We just wanted to taste it so we shared the bill.

The next Swensen’s experience was in Bangkok last year! Again, I was with Reg in that trip. She told me that the ice cream is cheaper there compared to the ones in Singapore. So without hesitation, we dine in and had our own share of ice cream. Since we can afford it already, we managed to get one for each. Haha!

swensens ice cream (1)

Swensens Bangkok 2011

swensens ice cream

Swensens Bangkok 2011

Based from my blog, I got a chocolate basket for me and a chewy choco for Reg! (grabe ang takaw namin, talagang kme lagi ni Reg. hahaha!)

As mentioned, this year Swensens Eastwood was opened to the public to enjoy. :) Since I work in Eastwood, it was a must to try it! I had my ice cream tower and it’s so yummy! hahaha! Ebony & Ivory Php 265 (Caramel and Vanilla ice cream) is love! ^_^

Swensens Philippines 2012: Eastwood City Branch

Swensens Philippines 2012: Eastwood City Branch

One thing I want to “steal” in all of their stores are their cute water glass. It has doodles in different fonts all about their sundaes. So unique! :)

Swensens Philippines 2012: Eastwood City Branch - cute glass :)

I wish I can try Swensen’s in other parts of the world. Though I don’t really notice the difference in terms of taste, the plating is so enticing I can’t help but give in to them. Hahaha!

Have you tried Swensen’s Philippines?
How do you find it?

Swensen’s Philippines
SM MOA: SM Mall of Asia (Ground Floor South Wing-Near SM Department Store)
Eastwood City: Eastwood Mall 2nd floor
Facebook: Swensens PH
Twitter: @SwensensPH

Ensogo Deal: Benefits Salon Haircut, Claimed!

Nowadays, we have lots of online deals available for everyone. You just have to check their website from time to time to see if the deals for the day suits your interest. However, I advise that you don’t get too overwhelmed with all the deals they present. More often than not, Filipinos tend to become illogical and irresponsible especially when they hear the words like “deals”, “discount” and the most popular, “SALE”.

I honestly am a Sale finder too, but I just want you and me to be careful when purchasing discounted or sale item. Most of the time, I tend to buy items in SALE that I really don’t need. It’s just sale and cheap so I buy them, in turn I get broke and wasted the item because I never touched it. I don’t want you to waste money with careless decisions. These deals are available for us to enjoy the products they offer given we need those products. Grab as much as many items you want as long as you NEED it and not just you WANT it.

ensogo voucher

Ensogo Voucher

Say for example, I haven’t been into a salon for quite some time now, so when I saw the deal from Ensogo about the Benefits Salon I grabbed it. A bit hesitant at first because I never tried it there and I apologize I never heard of it considering it’s in Eastwood City.

Anyway, I get to try their Shampoo, Haircut and Blow Dry for Php168 which is valued at Php450. However, if you’re an Eastwood Employee, you get to have a haircut for Php199 and a 20% discount in all their services provided you show them a valid ID.

benefits-salon rates

Benefits Salon Rates

Honestly, we had a hard time looking for the Salon. It was in the 2nd Flr of City Walk 2 but you have to go outside the veranda to see the Salon. By the way, in Ensogo it is in 2F Fashion Square Bldg, good thing we saw posters along the way. They should update the address because clients might be misled.


Benefits Salon

I was scheduled at 8:00pm and was the last customer I think. After the haircut, they were already starting to clean and pack up. Haha!

benefits-salon interior

Inside Benefits Salon

Majority of the hair stylists were men. I was surprised. Even the one blow drying my hair was a guy! They were friendly and accommodating. They also have the recent magazines so I managed to flip some pages from all sorts of magazine, local and foreign. Hehe! ^_^

benefits-salon before haircut

Me before the haircut

benefits-salon shampoo

after shampoo while waiting for the stylist

I liked how my hair was done. It is not that visible because I just wanted to add volume and style to my hair. I also told him to cut it in a way that it won’t get fly away after I take a shower. True enough, my hair looks good now. I was impressed with them. Good thing I bought 2 vouchers since it will end up until May 2011. You might want to try it too next time.

benefits-salon after haircut

Me after the haircut (wala namang bago, ni.blower lang buhok ko.. hahaha! :p)

Thanks Benefits Salon!! I  also liked your Salon’s interior design and color… Hehe! ^_^

Remember NEED is more important than WANT! ^_^ Enjoy Shopping! ^_^

Benefits Salon
2F Citywalk Walk 2, Eastwood City
Libis, Quezon City

For reservations, please contact:
Phone #s: (02) 421-6961/ 421-6965
Email: benefitstylesalon@yahoo.com

To register and get deals with Ensogo Philippines, click here.

Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill

In celebration of Andrew’s Mom’s birthday, we are thinking of a good buffet for the celebration. His mom wanted to go to Yakimix again like we had last time we celebrated his cousin’s graduation. However, I personally don’t want to eat there again. It’s not that I don’t like the food and the ambiance but I want to try a new restaurant if there is an opportunity for a celebration.


Good thing, Andrew’s keeping up with my somewhat crazy but good idea I think. Maybe he got used to me wanting to eat in a new restaurant every time he asks me out. Haha! He was the one planning and searching for places where they serve eat all you can buffets. Of course there is Yakimix, Salt & Pepper, Alba and finally we chose Sambo Kojin since his mom wants something similar to that of Yakimix.

Sambo Kojin is the newest eat all you can buffet in Eastwood City, Libis. It is a fusion of Japanese and Korean dishes. The place is clean and well organized. They have a lobby for the people who waits for their turn to eat. Unlike in Yakimix, you have to wait outside.


They have a lot of sushi, sashimi, beef, pork and seafood options. I like it better than Yakimix though. They also have a lot of fried stuff or “katsu” in Japanese. Andrew find these selections a plus compared to Yakimix. They also have a wide range of sauces in your table. They even serve kimchi as appetizer.

The kamameshi is also good! However, if you want to try it, better do it last cause you’ll be full afterwards and won’t be able to go for your 2nd round in the buffet table.

Of course, desserts are always there. They have a Chocolate Fondue which I think they need to improve their chocolate. I don’t like the chocolate they used in the fondue. I didn’t bother to ask. Also, ice creams are present too though they don’t have the popsicles that Yakimix offers. Nevertheless, I made my own Banana Split that day.

All in all, it’s a must try restaurant and will definitely go back for more. The crew and staff were all accommodating. They are always there to help you with your needs. Surely, you’ll enjoy your stay in Sambokojin!

I almost forgot, the best part was, they didn’t get to count the kids. So we just paid for all the adults minus the kids! Great Stuff!

Andrew & Me infront of Sambo Kojin (special participation ni Manong Guard)

Sambo kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill
Eastwood Citywalk, Quezon City
Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 421-0145 to 46
Facebook Page: Sambo kojin

LUNCH (Mon to Fri) No Left Over Price is P 495 (with left over add P100 only)
*Except for Holidays
LUNCH (Sat & Sun) No Left Over Price is P 595 (with left over add P100 only)
DINNER (Mon to Sun) No Left Over Price is P 595 (with left over add P100 only)
For children- No Left Over Price is P 295 (with left over add P100 only)