Dining at The Bellevue Manila

As a continuation of our week getaway story, here’s what we ate during our stay in The Bellevue Manila. We had the opportunity to try their buffet dinner at Café d’ Asie. I think a reservation is needed before you are able to dine there. We were asked what room we’re staying and under what name it is reserved. So I assume it’s the same for all their guests.

Proud Awards of Cafe d Asie Restaurant

Café d’ Asie is known to be one of the best restaurants in the Philippines. I can’t describe every single dish they served but let the picture says it all. Beware, this post would be a photo driven one.

Dinner Buffet at Café d’ Asie

Mongolian station


Dimsum Station

Bread and Jams Corner

Cheese Station

Sweets Corner

Fruits Section with a really disturbing face carving

Japanese Station

Healthy Mary: drink of the month


Dessert Section Side 1

Dessert Section Side 2

The best chocolate mousse ever! Tastes like Ferrero Rocher!


After that sumptuous dinner, we rest for an hour and went to enjoy their 1-hour body massage at the Mandarine Spa before we doze off to bed.

The next day, we also had our buffet breakfast. I raved about their breakfast buffet since I already experienced it before. True enough, the banquet didn’t disappoint me. It was such a bountiful morning meal.

Breakfast Buffet at Café d’ Asie

Bread and Butter

Different Loaves of Bread

Drinks Corner


Cereals Corner


Filipino Food Section


Bacon Area


Bread & Pastry Basket


Yummy French Toast


Dairy Section: Yogurt and Salad


Fruits Section


Japanese Salad Section


Omelette Area


A new discovery: Baked Tomato with Cheese


The Café d’ Asie is located at the Main Wing so we have to go there every time we have to eat our meals. On our last day, we had our lunch at the same wing since The Phoenix Court is located at the Tower Wing where we were booked.

The Phoenix Court is known to be the best Chinese Restaurant in the South. I was intrigued with all the hype I read in the internet about this restaurant. I didn’t know that they served a buffet lunch so we ordered ala carte instead.

Lunch at Phoenix Court Restaurant

Phoenix Court Entrance


Proud Award as Philippine's Best Restaurants 2011


Boiled peanut was served while waiting for the food


Xiao Long Bao


A closer look of what's inside the Xiao Long Bao


A must try 2-way chicken

Yang Chao Fried Rice


Pork with Salt & Pepper


We didn’t finish everything so we had them wrap and I took them home. I definitely agree that it was one of the best Chinese restaurants I knew. The 2-way chicken is a must try. We never get to taste other Chef’s recommendation but I’m sure every meal is worth it.

We ate so much during our overnight stay and really felt grateful for the chance given to us.

It was really an awesome experience. Once again, thank you to The Bellevue Hotel & Resort Management.

The Bellevue Manila
North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate
City, Alabang, 1781 Muntinlupa City
Contact: (02) 771 8181
Email: tbmnl@thebellevue.com
Website: http://www.thebellevue.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thebellevuemanila
Twitter Account:@bellevuemanila

Orchard Road and Stackers


Last week was my 10th month with Andrew. Since we don’t usually “celebrate” it, we decided to try out the new restaurant in SM Megamall, Orchard Road. It was a Singaporean Cuisine. I was tempted to order “Laksa” which I think famous in Singapore but I’m not a fan of spicy foods so I ordered something else. We ate the following:

I forgot the name but it’s english term was Spring Rolls.

Then we had Beef Noodles and Pork Siew Mai.

Also we had Roast Chicken Rice since the Satay Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken are not available. I liked the garlic sauce for the roast chicken.

No special taste for me, it’s like a normal fast food chain. Except for the chicken, but I think it’s the same with Chef Choi’s Roast Chicken.

But nevertheless, we had a good dinner.

Orchard Road
2nd Level Bldg A
SM Megamall


I not a burger fan ever since I learned that beef patties are very hard to burn and that sometimes you can get roundworms and tapeworms because of eating burgers. I don’t know why most guys love burgers. Maybe because one burger can stuff you at once so you won’t be craving for something to eat.

Anyways, I ate in Stackers Burger Cafe with Carding in McKinley Hill. I ordered my all time favorite Mozzarella Sticks since I don’t like to eat a heavy meal that night.

The mozzarella sticks are good especially the sauce. It taste like the sauce you put in a taco or burrito. I think their  burgers are okay since it’s a burger cafe. Carding enjoyed it though so maybe it’s good.

Stackers Burger Cafe
McKinley Hill
Piazza Place