Cook Differently with Maggi Magic Meals

A few weeks ago, maybe you noticed the #m3 tweets and posts that get your curiosity mind think what could it be? The wait is over as last September 6, Nestle launches another game-changing innovation, the Maggi Magic Meals. These… Continue Reading


Yummy Friday: Discover Korea 2012

My next trip this year would be none other than in South Korea!!! Annyeong Haseyo! 안녕하세요! Hahahaha! I’m so excited and will definitely write about my experience starting from the strict Visa application. Anyway, it’s so timely that The Bellevue… Continue Reading


Yummy Friday: Swensen’s Philippines

Okay, I admit. I’m a chocolate and ice cream lover. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods together with chips and popcorns. Haha! The Ultimate Sundae Experience!! Swensen’s is an international franchise/ice cream shop born in San Francisco, CA. Since… Continue Reading


Food: Canteen Simple+Good Food

Canteen is a 30 seat self-service cafe inside Trilogy Boutique. We serve freshly made soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas, rice meals, desserts & coffee. I wanted to try this cafe when I first saw it with my friend. Luckily it was… Continue Reading


Food: The Custaroonery Manila

Last weekend, I tried some mouthwatering, delicious dessert called Custaroons. I happened to know these because I saw someone from foursquare check-in there. I got intrigued so I researched the place “The Custaroonery“. I found her website and learned that… Continue Reading


Food: Moshi Moshi at Regis Center, Katipunan

Months ago, we had this “Secret Circle” with my extended family. We were planning the golden birthday celebration of my Ninang (God Mother) so we decided to have a lunch out in Katipunan. I told them that I saw a… Continue Reading