Random Wednesday: Pandora Series – Second Set of Charms Collection

Late last year, I shared with you my first Pandora charms collection. By this time, I was able to collect another 3 charms.

Here are the charms I got:

The Birthday Blooms September Charm was given to me by my sweet boyfriend. It was just so happen that our friend Richard is going back to Sydney for business trip so I was able to get it. So happy to get one from someone I love.

The Purple Rounded Silver Pave Charm with Cubic Zirconia was again a gift from a friend. Our almost “relative” here in Australia noticed that I’m collecting Pandora charms. Lucky enough, they bought something I like that I think I would never buy for myself. Haha! So thankful to have generous friends.

The Cross Dangle Charm is a second hand charm that I bought from eBay. I almost got a $15 off from buying a pre-loved charm. I don’t mind buying from trustworthy sellers since these are silver. This cross represents God. Even though this is not blessed like the rosaries. It still reminds me to thank the Lord for all the blessings He has given me every single day.

I still need to get the Cherry Blossom and Sydney Opera House charm that will represent my travel in Japan and migration to Sydney. I’d probably get those this year. Hopefully! (I’ve got too many wants in my list as of the moment… hehehe!)

So here’s how my Pandora bracelet looks like:

Pandora bracelet as of January 2014

Looks great, isn’t it?

Do you have a charm collection?
How many do you have at the moment?

*official Pandora charms grabbed from Pandora Australia’s website

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