Yummy Friday: Magnum Sydney Pleasure Store

Sample Magnum creations displayed on the screen

Last Thursday, I was one of the hundreds of people who lined up for the “Make my Magnum” event at Magnum Sydney’s Pleasure Store. We were there last weekend but the queue was already cut-off. Since it’s Thursday and mall hours are extended, we grabbed the opportunity.

Magnum Makers

I know it sounds desperate and all but it’s ice cream plus it’s Magnum. I’m not sure how “popular” magnum is here in Australia (maybe it is, considering they had this event for a month) but I know how popular it is in the Philippines. I remember the time when people take pictures of each magnum ice cream they ate. They even had pictures before and after eating a magnum. Mind you, I wasn’t one of them. But there’s always an exception. Hahaha! I will just share to you guys my experience with this Magnum Sydney.

Long Queue for the Magnum Ice Cream

We were in the queue around 6:30pm. People were chatting and waiting patiently to be served. Some passer-by looked very surprised to see the long queue just for an ice cream. While waiting, I told them that I’ll walk near the store to see what’s happening. I’m both excited and a bit disappointed. I really thought that we will be the ones to create our own magnum ice cream (meaning we were the ones to dip it, sprinkle toppings, etc.) but no! They were the ones making it, just tell them what toppings you want. Well, in fairness to them it’s more tidy and systematic if they do it for us.

The makers busy creating the Magnum Ice Cream

Another view of the queue

We’re almost there!!!

We waited for an hour and finally got near the cashier and see the instructions.

Options on how to design your own Magnum

Steps on how to design your own Magnum

So what I picked was the following:
Step 1: Coating – White Belgian Chocolate Coating
Step 2: Toppings – Crumbled Meringue, Chopped Almonds, Chopped Pistachios and Rock Sea Salt
Step 3: Drizzle – Dark Chocolate drizzle

Steps and options for your own Magnum

A reminder posted on the cashier area to be cautious for those who have allergies

Magnum bars!!!

That ice cream cost me $7. It’s twice the price of a regular magnum ice cream here in Australia. In the Philippines, you’d probably get 5 magnum ice creams already! Hahaha!

Of course we took some photos via their iPad app but I’m not sure why I didn’t receive it until now. Well, I had a backup and here it is!

My own Magnum bar!

I took a bite to check how it tastes and it’s yummyyyyyy! Someone asked us if the wait is worth it and we said yes! Hehe! (I’m not sure if they know that we’re Filipinos and we’re used to waiting that long. Remember the JCo donut craze?)

White Belgian chocolate coating with chopped almonds, chopped pistachios, crumbled meringue drizzled with dark chocolate Magnum ice cream!

We really enjoyed the ice cream at it was such a unique experience for us!

Would you wait in line for a Magnum?