Birthday Project 2013: Running for a Cause

This is it! The wait is over (for those who were waiting…), my annual Birthday Project preparation has officially began. This year would be a little bit different from the other years. I’ve actually already started posting on my birthday blog but didn’t inform you guys yet until I’m decided and actually registered for the event.

As some of you know, I’ve moved to Sydney months ago as a permanent resident. I’ve been missing a lot of things in the Philippines but at the same time enjoying my life here in Australia. One of the things that I can’t do this year is to organize a party for kids for my birthday project. Why? I’m new here and I’m still on my acclimate days. Searching for the most simple and realistic way to execute my annual activity, I heard about a children’s foundation named: Starlight Children’s Foundation. I chose that foundation with a reason and you can all find it posted on the other blog with the title: Preparation for my Birthday Project 2013.

Early this month, you’ve read about my amazing City2Surf experience. A dreadful 14k run from City to Bondi Beach. I think that event is a ¬†preparation stage for me to participate in a more worthy runs in the future. And I think the future is happening too soon, say next month! Hahahaha!

To cut it short, I joined the Starlight Jumpstart. It is a fundraising activity for the benefit of Starlight Children’s foundation. They partnered with 2013 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival for this. Since that’s the foundation I chose for this year’s project. I’m joining the event. This is my first time to do something like this and it excites me.

I am joining the Blackmores Bridge Run¬†which is approximately 9kms long. It’s slightly shorter than the first run but I still require more than 60mins for this even if I train everyday.

I hope you can show support by sponsoring me. The event is happening on the 22nd of September 2013 but my donation page will be available until the 30th of September. Don’t worry, they have an official page where you can send your donations so you’re sure that I won’t keep the money for myself. You can simply click the widget on the sidebar for donation or click here.


P.S. If you have questions and clarifications, you can write them below or email me directly. Thanks!