2013 February Travel: USA – Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

As mentioned in my previous post, I have to have a separate post for this Beach Boardwalk. Why?! This post has so many pictures and thoughts to share that it might overload the Santa Cruz post if I still include it.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk – image grabbed from the official website


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is known to be the World’s Best Seaside Amusement Park! I was fortunate that it was already opened when I was there. Majority of the theme parks were closed because of the winter season. The Great America theme park was closed and will be opened by March 29th. Sadly, my flight back to the Philippines is on March 21st.


Entrance at the Boardwalk


I was with my family when we went there. My cousin bought the Season Pass that includes a free All Day Rides Pass for a friend. It’s cheaper and more practical than buying 2 All Day Rides pass. Since he’s living in Santa Cruz, he’ll be able to maximize the use of the Season Pass.


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Map

If you’re not riding the rides, you’re free to roam around the area. There’s a beach there so you can jump in and freshen up! They told me that there are free concerts and party there during the summer season. Too bad I was there during spring so there’s not much to see during these times.

Let’s start with the Family Rides:

Space Race
Bump your way through outer space on this out-of-this-world bumper car.

Space Race with my cousin

Who wouldn’t want to ride a bump car? This classic ride is an all time favorite. Although sometimes it gets to bumpy and you feel that your whole body shakes like crazy!

Sea Serpent
Take a ride on a friendly green sea monster… a family coaster in disguise! A perfect first coaster for younger kids.

Serpent Roller Coaster

I know, for younger kids. How can I not ride? My cousin bugs me to try this one! Actually this is the only roller coaster he rides on up until the day we went there. He conquered his fear and we rode at a bigger roller coaster.

Defy gravity and control the upside-down spin of this ferris wheel with cages.

Rock O Plane ride

Riding on my own!

Inside the yellow cage!

This ride is a traitor! I really thought it was easy but found myself spinning non-stop in the first few minutes. I got dizzy so I maneuver the ride so that I won’t be spinning again. It was hard and my balancing skills were tested!!!!

Rock & Roll
Rock out to classic tunes and roll side-to-side on the spinning Rock & Roll ride. Colorful cruisers make for a groovin’ drive, forward and backward!

The view of the Giant Dipper and the Rock & Roll ride

Rock and Roll ride with my cousin

This again is spinning non-stop! I hate this kind of rides as I get so dizzy and afraid that I would barf. That would be very embarrassing! Good thing the ride didn’t last long, after spinning clockwise and counterclockwise, it’s done! ahaha!

Haunted Castle
Get ready for a spooky adventure as you spiral down into the dark dungeon deep below the Boardwalk.

Haunted Castle with my cousin and aunt

This is the first ride we tried and it was a pretty nice ride to start with. Not to haunted after all.

Now we proceed to the Thrill Rides:

Giant Dipper Roller Coaster
Everyone’s favorite ride and one of America’s top wooden coasters, the Giant Dipper is a must!

Giant Dipper here we come!

This was the only decent pic I have of the Giant Dipper ride. LOL!

The border of the pic is not that appealing but was happy that the camera captured our trilled faces.

This is a must try ride for adventure seekers out there. That time as I’ve mentioned earlier was my cousin’s fear factor challenge. Hahaha! He was able to ride the coaster with me and we were actually holding hands. He just turned 13 so it was kind of a passing rite for him. So proud! :)

Get thrashed as you tumble through the darkness to the sound of pumped up surf tunes, rave style!

Wipe Out ride

Inside the wipe out ride!

My gosh! This ride is a living washing machine! Hahaha! The goal is to feel how to be wiped out like a surfer. It is an underground ride so all lights were down and only disco lights and raging water sound can be heard. Again, I felt dizzy! Boo!

Cliff Hanger
Enjoy the smooth sensation of hang gliding as you soar past the beach and over the Boardwalk on this aerodynamic ride!

Cliff Hanger

Getting ready to fly

Cliff Hanger in action!

Now this got to be one of the best rides ever!!! This is similar to the ride we had in Genting Highlands in Malaysia but better! You can actually feel that you’re flying up in the air with the beach as your view. It was pretty amazing. For those who has a fear of heights, this ride is not for you.

After all the rides, we were famished. We had lunch/snacks afterwards and as usual amazed with how huge their servings were. I literally gained 3kgs in a month! Whew!

Lunch time: Clam Chowders, Hotdogs and Nacho Fries!

That was a fun-filled day for us! It was my cousin’s first time to ride the Giant Dipper and it’s an accomplishment for him. I was happy that we were able to spend time together while I visited them!

If you have the chance to go to Santa Cruz, don’t miss the chance to visit the Beach Boardwalk. You’ll definitely enjoy your time there.

Mom and Me at the Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Admission Rates:
>> All-Day Rides Wristband: $31.95 plus tax

>> Season Pass: Unlimited Rides ALL YEAR LONG for only $72.95 + tax!!
ONE FREE All-Day Rides Wristband for a friend!
ONE FREE Bonus Book full of extra discounts!

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