Yummy Friday: LuLu

Last year, I bought a deal from DealGrocer. I usually buy food vouchers since I like to try new restaurants. I availed of a lunch/dinner for 2 at LuLu restaurant. That would cost me Php 1,500 instead of almost Php 3,000! It’s quite a good deal for me. So I bought it and printed the voucher. This is what the enticing deal says:

Begin your meal with a praiseworthy starter, Wild Mushroom Soup scented with Tarragon.

Next, the Organic Mesclun Mandarin Feta and Cashew Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette is another palate-teaser bursting with flavor.

The star of your feast is a tender US Angus Rib Eye Steak (500g), grilled to your preference, served with a side of indulgence: delightfully crispy home cut Truffle Fries.

Then, cap off your feast with Coconut-Infused Creme Brulee for dessert!

It was only recently that I got to use the voucher. One Wednesday night, we decided to have a “date” at this so called “LuLu” restaurant. It was across Rockwell Mall, Makati so it’s easy to locate.

Lulu Restaurant

As soon as we arrived, I gave them the voucher and they ushered us to our seats. Prior to that, I called the resto and reserved a table for 2. When we’re settled on our seats, I noticed that the restaurant is quite full. Also, most of the customers were having the set indicated in the voucher. I assumed that majority of them used their dealgrocer vouchers.

Lulu Restaurant

The food prepared were great. The 4-course dinner was a excellent choice! However, I feel that they are under-staffed. It seemed that they were doing their best to accommodate all the guests but some still waited quite a while to be served. Another thing, the “personal space” wasn’t considered. You sometimes have to walk sideways for you to be able to go to the washroom and vice versa.

Moving on, here are the visuals of the food we ate that night:

1. Wild Mushroom Soup scented with Tarragon
I was surprised that they serve in big portions. The soup itself can fill your hungry stomach! Hahaha! It was a creamy mushroom soup that we both enjoyed that night.

Wild Mushroom Soup scented with Tarragon

2. Organic Mesclun Mandarin Feta and Cashew Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette
I love this salad! Andrew is not a fan of the feta cheese so he gave it to me. However, he is a lover of the cashew nut so he still enjoyed the it.

Organic Mesclun Mandarin Feta and Cashew Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

3. US Angus Rib Eye Steak (500g) with a delightfully crispy home cut Truffle Fries.
We ordered a medium rare steak and we got it. We cut the steak in half and I was already full after eating 1/4 of the steak. It also has this green buttery sidings that I forgot to ask what it was. Nevertheless, I enjoyed eating my steak with that green thing. Andrew enjoyed the steak with the normal sauce that comes with it and we both like how the fried were cooked. It was really a delightful home cut fries.

Steak Feast at Lulu Restaurant

US Angus Rib Eye Steak (500g)

crispy home cut Truffle Fries

4.  Coconut-Infused Creme Brulee
The dessert was fine, not that extraordinary. Andrew thinks that it taste like a leche flan! Hahaha! The caramel was a bit strong for me but it was okay.

Coconut-Infused Creme Brulee

As I’ve mentioned, we had a great meal that night. I am also intrigued with their other dishes since the family beside us had a sumptuous dinner just by the looks of what they ordered. Hehehe. I’m just too shy to ask for the menu. Well, we might just visit the restaurant again and try their other best sellers.

Lulu Restaurant
Rockwell, Makati
G/F Joya Bldg., Joya Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 403-3991
Email: lulu.rockwell.team@gmail.com
Facebook: LU Restaurant
Instagram: @LuluRestaurant


Have you already dine at Lulu?
What are your recommendations?