2012 February – Singapore Day 2: St Stephen Church and Sentosa Day

It is always nice to start any Sunday with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. It’s also extra special if you get to visit a new church outside your own country. It was our chance to see how mass is celebrated in Singapore by fellow Catholics.

We went to the nearest church from our place via Google Maps. We decided to go to St. Stephen Church that celebrates mass at 9:00am. We went there just in time before the celebration.

Catholic Church in SG

I like the architecture of the church. It is a simple white church with somewhat high ceiling. I was also observing people around me as well as the church choir. The choir consists of young students (I assumed) with a young adult who were playing the instrument. The mass was in English so we were able to understand God’s word.


After mass, we went to IKEA to check out good deals that day. We might be able to buy some cute and practical stuff there but we didn’t find one to bring home to the Philippines. It’s a heaven store for those in Singapore I presume as there were loooong lines in every cashier post. Then we went to the outlet stores but wasn’t able to buy a lot. I bought some cotton on clothes that were on sale since it was not yet available in the Philippines yet. Now, you can easily go to Megamall or MOA to buy Cotton On stuff.

We ate at Vivo City’s food court and went to Sentosa after lunch. We rode the monorail inside the Vivo City that transfers us inside Sentosa at an instant.

Sentosa Singapore

Siloso Beach, Sentosa Singapore

As usual, we went to the tourist spots inside Sentosa and took pictures together. Thanks to my monopod, we were able to have group pictures. :)

I let Ate Cha and Andrew try the Luge and Skyline experience. It cost us S$12.50 / Person that includes 1 Luge and 1 Skyride. That’s pretty fair for a beginner. The Luge is a go-cart ride without the engine. The Skyride on the other hand is like a cable car without the case. Just seats that will lift you up to the Luge starting point. hehehe.

Sky Ride Sentosa Singapore

Sky Ride at Sentosa Singapore

The new attraction for me was the Songs of the Sea. I was happy we were able to see it. The singing and dancing, the effects and the fireworks, It was really amazing! If you have time to see it, do so, you’ll enjoy it. Make sure you buy the tickets early since tickets can be sold out by the afternoon. Standard seats cost S$12/person and S$15 for the VIP seats. We didn’t get the VIP seats since it’s the same thing. If you have extra budget, you can buy those to see better view of the whole set.

While waiting for the show to start

Songs of the Sea

Songs of the Sea

Songs of the Sea

Also, had the chance to taste the corn kernel and strawberry snacks of McDonald’s Singapore. The butter with the Mcdonald’s logo caught my attention! The taste, just the same with our King Korn’s corn kernels. hehehe. :)

Mcdonald’s snack: Strawberry sundae cone and corn kernel

After that, we were supposed to see the Crane Dance but unfortunately, there were some technical errors that night. It started for a couple of minutes but stopped midway. They tried to resolve the error but no success. We just went inside the Hershey’s chocolate store nearby and took some pictures of their cute and colorful chocolate statues :)

Sentosa, Singapore

Hershey Chocolate Store, Sentosa, Singapore

Hershey Chocolate Store, Sentosa, Singapore

Hershey Chocolate Store, Sentosa, Singapore

We ended the day tired but satisfied. Off to our next day adventure, the USS once again!

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