Music and Dance Craze: Gangnam Style

Do you know this popular “Gangnam Style“?

I first saw this video when I went to the Korean Embassy. It was really an awkward video and I was really shocked with the MTV. Little did I know that he’s becoming popular, much crazy than the “Call Me Maybe” song.

Here’s the original MTV from Psy:

And now here’s the MTV Parody of Petra Mahalimuyak that was shot in SM MOA. Hahaha! The video is funny and a bit annoying.

Now here’s the Parody of another singer in another country:

I like this video I found where teens in America (I think) react to Gangnam Style. You can see their different views and how they think about the video. Check this out:


So, are you a fan of this popular “Gangnam Style“?

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