Getting to Know the IBM’s System x Sales Expert V3 Certification Exam

I’m not sure if you already know that I’m a Computer Science major when I was in college. Until now, I’m still practicing it and life infront of a computer is our day to day life. Nowadays, there are a lot of new graduates from prestigious schools who I believe can be better than us who are almost expert in some fields. Thus, to be at par with these highly intellectual people, we are encouraged to study and learn new technologies and take certification exams to be recognized as experts.

IBM is a company that offers solutions, services and products to client that helps make their work or even life easier. There are certifications offered for you to be able to become expert on the field. And I know how hard it is to prepare for such life changing moment of your life. And because of this, a website named Testslive.com will help you manage your time how to review for the exam.

Knowing what to expect on an exam can greatly reduce the anxiety and dread that we often experience when a lot is riding on the results. If you are making progress toward your IBM System x Sales Expert V3 certification, there is a two-pronged exam process that is required for its completion. The first exam requirement is the 000-151: IBM System x Sales Expert V3. Here’s what you can expect and what you will need to do to prepare for exam day:

The 000-151 exam has a time limit of 75-minutes in which to answer the 55 questions on the test. The exam will also contain one un-scored item. Exam topics will cover content related to understanding customer requirements, value proposition, solution elements, selling application solutions, creating comprehensive solutions, and developing profitable customer relationships. Within each major exam topic, there will be more specific items to be addressed.

You can best prepare for this exam by completing the online courses that correspond to this certification while concurrently practicing consistently with the exam prep tools offered by Testslive. The expertly crafted 000-151 exam guide from Testslive.com covers the exact topics that you need to master for this exam, enabling you to reach your goals quicker. Now that you know what to expect on this exam, you can approach exam day with the confidence that you have the knowledge and experience to successfully earn your well-deserved certification achievement.

Now gear up and get yourself ready to take this challenge. Step up and take a huge jump to your career goal. You’ll never know there’s something great in store for you in the future.

Have you taken some certifications to level up your career?
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