Dove Moisturizing Beauty Bar Soap

Dove has always been my favorite. I have a combination skin type but recently I’m leading towards the dry skin type. Moisturizers are my best friends nowadays and Dove simply gives me the moisture I need. It started way back highschool where I usually use Dove soaps given to me by my aunt who is based in the US. She sends different variants that are not available in the Philippines. That time I felt that it’s vanity when one uses Dove soap since it’s priced higher than normal bar soaps. Only after College I realized that getting one means taking good care of your skin. It’s not vanity I suppose, you just want the best for your skin.

Dove has always been proactive in promoting Real Beauty. They’ve develop campaigns, bill boards, ads and TVCs that encourage women to be beautiful. Several years ago, the Real Beauty campaign resonated the hearts of women all over the world because it made women realize that being beautiful did not have to mean possessing supermodel features. Being beautiful was as simple as having soft, smooth and glowing skin.

Today, Dove continues to pave the way for Filipinas to reveal their real beauty to the world with its latest campaign that urges every Filipina to Reveal her Glowing Skin. Dove calls on women who possess beautiful glowing skin and confidence and can be sources of inspiration to others through their own unique life stories.

In the Philippines, they’ve already released a number of variants for you to choose from. This makes the loved beauty bar soap perfect for every woman. Here’s a peak of what’s already available in the market.

Dove Beauty Bar Soap variants available in the Philippines

To be part of the Dove movement takes only a few simple steps. Get that billboard-worthy beautiful glowing skin, aspiring Dove women by using Dove Beauty Bar for seven days.

After taking Dove’s 7-day challenge, users should take a close-up picture of themselves and upload it on Dove’s official Facebook page. Uploading of entries will be until October 31.

10 women will be featured from among the entries who will be given the privilege to represent the essence of real beauty as envisioned by Dove. Not only that they will be seen in 2 of the Metro’s biggest electronic billboard but also has the chance to be part of a grand photo exhibit later this year. Renowned fashion photographer Sara Black joins the Dove team for the second time as she peeps through the lens to capture Dove’s real beauties in awe-inspiring photographs.

Aren’t you excited for this? I’m positive that I’ll join this challenge. My friends literally tells me to join so I’ll give it a shot. Hahaha! Be part of this campaign together with thousands of Filipinas who celebrates beauty from within.

I’m going to use the Sensitive Beauty Bar variant (green packaging) since it was recommended by my dermatologist before. I’m starting the 7-day challenge today! I hope I can keep up. :p

How about you? What variant will you use? Get yours now!
Join me and thousands of Filipinas in this Reveal your Glowing Skin campaign!


DOVE Links:
Dove Philippines Official Facebook Page
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  • http://chenmeicai.blogspot.com Chai Chen

    Wow naman Kath! Nice move from Dove! Join ka? Hehe. Bagay sa yo. Natural beauty. :Dnn~Chainhttp://chenmeicai.blogspot.com

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    Thanks Ate Chai! Join ka din!! Tara na’t makita tayo sa billboard. :) Though you have print ads na. :)) Artista ka din! :p

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    It’s a GIRL

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    This is nice.

  • http://kathmadula.com/ Kathleen

    Yup! Try joining their campaign :)