Be the Next Dove Girl – Dove 7-day Test

I just finished the 7-day Dove Challenge and I really felt the difference. I’ve been an avid Dove user since my face break down. I had a super duper dry skin and I have to choice but to add put on moisturizer 2x a day. My dermatologist gave me Dove as my everyday facial soap. Now, I again used Dove Sensitive variant for the 7-day test.

What is the Dove 7 Day Test?
Use only Dove Beauty Bar for 7 days. Nothing else.
Simple. With Dove, which contains ¼ moisturizing cream,
you’ll discover softer, smoother, more radiant skin.

After 7 days, here’s the result:

bare naked face – no make up look (literally)

I am beautiful because I love who I am. I am a Dove girl… and I love it!

Yes, I took the photo this morning and didn’t put any makeup on. My eye bags are the evidence! Hahaha! Well, after 7 days of using the beauty soap, my skin really was soft and smooth! No kidding and no bias!

So, I immediately logged in to Facebook and went to the Be the Next Dove Girl app to upload my photo… Unfortunately, it seems like the webpage is having a problem in uploading photos or it’s just my computer? I can’t upload it. Huhuhu! Help!!! :p

Let’s see where my photo can take me if I am able to successfully upload this. Will try again tomorrow. Hehehe! ;)

Know more about the 7-day Dove test in Facebook.

Have you tried the 7-day Dove test?
What can you say about it?

UPDATE: You can check out 2013’s Dove campaign! Check out my post here: Be the next Dove Girl – 2013