Cervarix – Cervical Cancer Vaccine

CERVARIX helps prevent cervical cancer and precancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) types 16 and 18. These 2 HPV types cause 70% of cervical cancers. CERVARIX is a vaccine for girls and young women between the ages of 9 and 25. It does not prevent disease due to all HPV types and is not a treatment for cervical cancer.


A month ago, there was a wellness fair in the company. Since we were advised that all the expenses from the fair can be reimbursed, we of course grabbed the opportunity. One of the services I availed was the discounted price of Cervarix or commonly known as the HPV vaccine. Nowadays, we never know what virus can hit us. We might think that it’s just a small thing and then eventually may lead to something we don’t really want. As every doctor say, “prevention is always better than cure”, I didn’t hesitate to get this vaccine.

plaster that was used during my first dose of HPV vaccine

I’ve got freebies availing the vaccine like the ball pen with Laban Ni Maria logo.

The “Laban Ni Maria” is an awareness campaign by the late Francis M.’s wife and daughter, Pia and Maxene Magalona. They already launched it a year ago and I believe a number of women like me already had this vaccine. This vaccine required 3 shots with 0-1-6 month gap. Since I got my first shot last February, I had my second one last March. The third shot would be in August being the 6th month from the first shot I made. I also learned that if you miss one month, you have to do it all over again. So it is important that you take note and schedule your vaccine shot wisely so you won’t be able to waste money doing it all over again.

Lately, I’ve been hearing in the radio that actress and idol Anne Curtis is also endorsing this product as “No Excuses” having “X” as the vaccine’s logo. Here’s the video:

I think I already had a couple of shots since HS years offered by the school up until nowadays offered by my employers. Hopefully, I won’t be getting any serious illness as I age. I still want to enjoy life.

Do you think it’s worth it to invest in vaccines like this? Share me your thoughts! :)


  1. Many girls havent had such luck http://youtu.be/TG3mWgsMt-A.u00a0nnnMany cervical abnormalities can be prevented from turning cancerous with regular PAP exams and early detection. Celebs should be backing health clinic services, not a big pharmacy company which make money off of fear.

  2. Thanks for the information Cari. I watched the video and it was so disheartening. :( I feel bad for those girls. Maybe doctors should consider the patients condition first or have some tests before advising to get the vaccine.nnBest way to prevent cancer though is as u said early detection and healthy lifestyle as well. God bless those girls. :'(

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