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I’ve been listening regularly to RXTMR – Monster Radio RX93.1 (FM Radio) for a couple of months now but I learned of them since I was in College. However, I always forgot to tune in since I’m not comfortable wearing earphones whenever I’m commuting to office. At first it was only Chico and Del, now they have Gino on the house too! I think their trio is a big hit. It’s just getting better and better! They deserve to win KBP Golden Dove Awards – Best FM Station: Monster Radio RX 93.1 for 8 years!

image from Chico Garcia's blog

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I’m enjoying my mornings because of them. When stuck in traffic in the morning I always find myself being irritated with so many passengers inside a public transportation. To lighten up my mood, I always tune in to RXTMR and… BOOM! Hahaha! They definitely lightens up my mood. I believe a lot of regular listeners would agree. Right?

However, be overly cautious when listening to them inside a public transportation. Why? Others might think that you’re insane! Hahaha! I try to be as calm as possible whenever they start to tease one another. I also find it amusing whenever Call Center Guy (Chico) greets the rushes because I believe that it’s pretty hard to do. One of the things you look forward to during the Morning Rush besides the Top 10 are the Epic Pic and the Epic Rap-Off.

Last Friday was one of the best mornings I had tuning in with RXTMR. Well, they had Xian Lim as their guest and they did the Epic Pic and the Epic Rap-Off for him. I searched the internet for video of the rap-off and grabbed their pic in facebook. They were hilarious! Not to mention that their Top 10 was The Top 10 Kikay Problems! Saktong Sakto sa Kikay Barkada! ^_^

I then decided to buy a copy of their book, The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush TOP 10. Though I wanted to have it signed by Chico and Del, the book signing schedule always has a conflict with my schedules.  I do hope that there would be more book signing in the next few weeks. ^_^

reading the book on my way to Singapore

I haven’t started reading it yet but I’ll be blogging it once I finished reading started reading it on my way to Singapore and enjoying every page of it. Congratulations to RXTMR’s Chico and Del!!! Cheers! ^_^
Grab your own copies now in National Bookstore nationwide!

You can check their online accounts:

Facebook Page: The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar
Twitter: @rxtmr

And “cyber stalk” them:

Chico: [twitter] [blog]
Delamar: [twitter] [blog]
Gino: [twitter] [blog]


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