2011 December Travel: Davao – Day 2: Adventure and Tour

This is a long overdue post but I’d like to share my last travel in 2011. Did I already mention that this was my boyfriend’s family trip? Yes, I was also invited to join the fun and adventure.

To start off, we flew in to Davao night time of December 1. So basically our first day would technically be our first night. We lodged in Oroderm Beauty Hotel on their dorm style room where they can accommodate 10pax. However, beds are in double decks and the room area is a little small. This kind of accommodation suits very well to backpackers coz it costs like Php 150-250/pax.

Anyway, so I’ll begin my blog on our second day. It was a whole day of tour and adventure. We first went to Outland Adventure! We of course had our much awaited adrenalin rush. We had our zipline activity first thing in the morning.

Outland Adventure Drive

Trail MAP

You can try it in 3 ways: sitting, superman and upside down. Since it was a 2 way zipline, I tried the sitting position first then the superman afterwards. Andrew did the superman first and then the upside down after.

Sitting Position

Superman Position

Upside Down Position

It was really high time! I think we took a lot of hours in that adventure so we disregarded other sites in our IT. After the thrilling ride, we went to the Philippine Eagle Center. Now, a knowledge adventure was coming.

Entrance: Php50

There, we saw numerous eagles as well as snakes? hahaha! I don’t know why they display it there though. It’s an added feature I guess.



A couple of tarpaulins are also displayed for tourist information about eagles.

Facts about the Eagles

It’s a good place to bring young kids for field trips!

Our final tour was in Eden Nature Park and Resort. This is a nice place to relax and enjoy the nature. We availed the group tour that includes snacks in their cafeteria. The tour guide was informing us about the history and other facts about the place while we were touring the whole area.

Eden Nature Park

There were stops too where we can take pictures and appreciate the place. I think this place is best visited during summer season when the flowers bloom so you’ll get to see the real beauty of the place.

Mickey Mouse Flower


There’s this Rainbow Gate that according to our guide has flowers according the rainbow colors. That would be a great gate to see, right?

Jump Shot with the Rainbow Gate

Mini Ampitheater

Also, a lot of miniature things were there like the “bahay kubo” as well as the carabao. We had wacky pics every where! Hahaha! We were really having fun.

bahay kubo facade

old school bahay kubo

"in-character" riding the carabao

can you guess who are true people and not?

After we finish the tour, we took a rest in their cafeteria and claimed our snacks. I remembered the Indiana Jones swing beside it so I told them that we should go there. So while waiting for the snacks to be served, we had our turns in the swing!! The fun and excitement we had when we were kids was relived.

Indiana Jones Swing

Swing in Action

It was a tiring day but I know that the whole family had an awesome time. The next day would be Beach Bumming time!

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