St. Padre Pio in Libis QC

I’ve been wanting to see the St. Padre Pio Chapel in Libis ever since I heard that a new chapel was built near Eastwood City. I personally don’t know the life of St. Padre Pio but I believe that he’s something. I first known him from my mom and when his relic was in St. Francis Church beside Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. I was curious of the relic so I visited it and learned that at that time it he was a new saint. Therefore, a new miracle was performed before he became a saint. I don’t want to tackle on the steps of how to become a saint because I might sound so religious.


Anyway, I did a little research and found out that the five wounds of the Lord’s passion appeared in his body, making him the first stigmatized in the history of the Church. As expected, he did a lot of courageous and holy things for the Lord. That’s why he was canonized a Saint by the late Pope John Paul II. To know more about his life, you can visit The Life and Works of St. Pio.

I also learned that the Chapel they built in Libis is a replica of the chapel in Italy. Check out the similarities:

St. Pio Chapel

St. Pio Chapel, Italy

St. Pio Chapel, Italy


St. Pio Chapel, Philippines

Since it was the first Friday of February, we decided to hear mass in St. Pio Chapel. There are two entrance in the chapel, so at first I thought we’re not going on the right place. However, it was an L shape chapel so you can enter either one of the doors. Another thing you will notice is a sign that tells the people of the proper dress code. Unlike other churches I’ve been to that has the same signs didn’t implement it the way St. Pio Chapel does. They have a pile of “malongs” as you enter the Chapel. If you are wearing shorts, you have to wear it as a sign of respect. I saw a number of church goers who did it without age and gender exemptions. For me, it was a good practice!


I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of the alter since the Mass is about to start. It was an intimate chapel but was well ventilated and the structure was quite impressive. I felt I was in a chapel in Rome though except that you’ll see Asians around you. Hehe! I managed to take some pictures that is accessible to me. They have bag holders and a prayer sheet to be recited after the Holy Communion (dahil first time ko, binasa ko sya tlga after ko mag-communion.. ayun pala, sabay sabay gnagawa yon.. natawa ako! hahaha..). Also, if you try to observe all the pews I think majority of them was donated by someone or a family.



After the mass, we explored the place and found out a small chapel at the side of the chapel. It smells so good and told Andrew that I feel that I’m not in the Philippines at that instant. I had goosebumps too! I noticed that people are offering roses and flowers to St. Pio and that made the chapel’s fragrant so nice and comforting. There was an intention box at the front and a statue of Jesus with St. Pio.


At the back of that small chapel is a place where you can light candles and pray your intentions. There is also Love Offering boxes on the sides. For the candles, you just have to look for unlit candles and you can light it up as you pray. It was so far for me the best Candle Chapel I saw in the Philippines.


As you exit the chapel, you will also see a Gethsemane Garden where fountain was built and the statues were placed. I think it is best to see the garden in the morning or afternoon because the place don’t have enough lights at night so you won’t appreciate it that much.


We had a prayerful time that night. I would definitely bring my relatives from abroad here when they come and visit us in the Philippines.

To know more about the Chapel, see their website: St. Pio Chapel Website
For the schedule of Masses: St. Pio Chapel Schedule of Masses

P.S. There is also a parking fee that cost Php40 when you visit the Chapel.


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    Yup Ms. Mabel, you can visit the Chapel any time. :)

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    same experienced tayo sister…dahil first timer din ako, binasa ko din agad ang prayer after holy communion . after reading ibinalik ko na siya sa pwesto niya..yun pala sabay sabay babasahin…medyo nahiya naman ako….

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    hi, can i just ask what time is the earliest mass? thanks

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    The earliest on a Sunday is 10:00am. You can see the schedule here.