1st Anniversary Celebration: Nuvali & Tagaytay

Andrew and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary last June 6, 2010. We want it to be simple and romantic. I was thinking of booking for a flight going somewhere in the Philippines but then I realized we’ve been to a number of places already this summer. We’re almost broke because of those trips so we decided to have a road trip to Tagaytay.

Our itinerary for that day were as follows:

6:00am – We left Manila as early as we can to avoid traffic.

7:00am – We are already in Sta. Rosa Laguna. We took the new exit ETON exit that claims to be the fastest way to get to Tagaytay. Well, true enough you’ll be already in Paseo in a couple of minutes.

We went to Nuvali to ride a bicycle and feed some fishes and ride the water taxi. However I’m wearing slip-ons that time so they wouldn’t allow me to rent  a bike. We were not on our sports attire so we decided to go back some other time and will just catch the 8.30am mass in Tagaytay.

8:15am – It took us around 30mins from Nuvali to Tagaytay. I love going to places without traffic. It’s less hassle and less stress too!!!

8:30-9:30 – Mass in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.

Then we went to their Candle Chapel to pray for some intentions.

10:00 – We went to Summit Ridge and did some errands for a while.

11:00 - Sonya’s Garden. We had a wonderful lunch in Sonya’s Garden. It’s a sit down buffet where the waiters will be serving the food and then you’ll just ask some more if you want. It’s a nice place and we loved the ambiance. I really liked the garden. I wish I could have a garden like that in the future.

We had salad for starters, then bread and pasta, we also had dalandan juice that tastes really good, then we had desserts too. It’s good food for Php 610 each.

After we ate lunch we toured around the area and thought of trying their bed and breakfast next time. Will probably invite my girlfriends with me ‘coz I know they’ll definitely love the idea.

13:30 -After a while we went to Bag of Beans. I’m so sleepy that time so I told him that it’s the best place we can get coffee where I can took a nap. Luckily when we arrived, one bed table is available since the customer billed out already. So we reserved it for us. We ordered desserts and Andrew brought his laptop and watched a movie while I took a nap for a while.

After 30-45mins, I woke up. I really had a good nap. No pollution both noise and air. It was great!

It was around 15:00-16:00 when we agreed that will head back to Manila by then to avoid the traffic again. I told him that will stop over in Paseo to see if there are cool sale items there. I think Paseo is known for their outlet stores.

I love the area and wanted to buy a property near there. I heard that UST will have a branch there nearby. Schools such as Ateneo, Don Bosco, De Lasalle are already situated there. I was thinking it’s a cool place to live in the future.

We really had a great time together. It will be another year full of fun and adventure.

Sonya’s Garden
Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines
(near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines)
For reservations:
call or text +63-9175329097 or +63-9175335140
Email us at: info@sonyasgarden.com
Website: http://www.sonyasgarden.com/


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    i like!!Miss ko na yung ganyang level ng dating.;)

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    hahaha.. edi gawin nyo din ni darwin dyan.. kayang kaya mo naman gawin yan dyan no?! :D



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