2010 Palawan Getaway Day 3: ‘Tamilok’ Experience in Kinabuch

We had our dinner in Kinabuchs. One of the famous restaurants in Puerto Princesa. Since their best seller is their famous “tamilok” (Php 115), we ordered it too.

We had crocodile adobado (Php 300) for dinner and chicken teriyaki (Php 140) in case we don’t like the taste of the crocs. It turns out that the crocs tastes better than the teriyaki.

For our finale, the “Tamilok” was served. Incase you don’t know, it is fresh woodworms from the mangroves. You eat it like you’re eating a kilawin. It tastes like oysters but a little bit slimier. Here’s how to eat a “tamilok”.

P.S. This procedure is only made by ours, you can eat it whatever way you like.