It’s Time! Grand Prize – Claimed!

After the Press Conference, Tara Cabullo, Digital and Creative Marketing Analyst and Gregory Martin, Chief Strategic Marketing Officer handed me my prize: A Gift Certificate from Boracay Regency Lagoon.

I still have to get in touch with Tara for the plane tickets. We are planning to go there by August 28-30, 2010 since the 30th is a Philippine Holiday.

I am now researching on what to do in Boracay, will try to maximize our time there. I’ll make a draft IT for our Boracay trip. ^_^

It’s Time’s New Endorser: Piolo Pascual

Piolo saying his message

The new endorser of Sun Life’s It’s Time advocacy is none other thatn Mr. Piolo Pascual.

I attended Sun Life’s Presscon last Saturday in Sofitel Hotel. I was excited because of 3 things: 1) First time to go to Sofitel, 2) Be part of a press conference, 3) I will be claiming my Boracay prize!

The press con has already started when we arrived. Sun Life gave us a press kit since we are joining the event. It was nice to get one since it has lots of freebies inside. A shirt, pen, umbrella, bag tag, etc. They got a snack bar too. Really great! I realized it’s really fun to get to be part in events like these. You don’t just get to learn something from them, you get to have wonderful freebies too! ^_^

It's Time Press Conference Kit

We were seated with the media people. They are news reporters that are focused in business sections. I honestly don’t read newspapers, I just rely on the TV and the internet for news so maybe they are famous in the paper world but I really don’t recognize their names. It was a little bit awkward sitting with them since their questions to Mr. Gregory Martin, the chief Strategic Marketing officer was highly intellectual. They were really talking jargon but we just listened and we definitely learned something from them.

While we were having those intellectual conversation in our table, Mr. Pascual is simultaneously having a one on one interview with the bloggers who signed up the event and wanted to ask him questions. After the interview with Martin, we managed to take a photo op with Piolo Pascual. I just joined them since I won’t be able to have a chance to take a photo with Piolo because of the long queue of interviewers.

I had a great time learning from the experts and joining a press conference too for the first time. Although my boyfriend kept on teasing me since I was telling him that I want to take a picture with Papa P. hahaha. ^_^

Seriously, I hope Piolo Pascual can really be an effective advocate for It’s Time! With his popularity here and Abroad, may he show his deep concern for Filipinos to be financially literate. May other celebrities thru him be an advocate too even without being the main endorser of Sun Life’s It’s Time!

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