Food: GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes

After trying the Custaroons of Gigi, I am a fan. I got curious of the newly opened cafe shop in Eastwood. It has the logo similar to that of the Custaroonery but still in doubt if they’re the same. My friend told me that Gigi of the Custaroonery and the new cafe shop is the same. I disagree and will just confirm once we were able to get a chance to interview any of the crew.

Gigi's Coffee and Cupcakes logo

The Gigi Coffee & Cupcakes store is located inside Eastwood City, a few blocks away from the main entrance. As you enter Eastwood from Citibank main entrance and look to your right. It is a store away from Watson’s. You’ll notice it at once because of its nice, classy and mostly greens interior. You can see it from the outside.

Facade of Gigi's Coffee & Cupcakes

As I’ve said, it’s mostly greens that we think it mimics one being in a park having a cup of coffee and a yummy cupcakes. The “bermuda” grass was awesome, very pleasing to the eyes.

Greens inside the cafe

Since the store is a bit small and only a few tables can occupy the space, it was nice of them to create side chairs. If you notice, they created a numbered tables and chairs that are literally on the sides. However, it was a bit awkward for me coz you’re facing other customers as you sit. So I personally got conscious while eating cupcakes sitting there.

numbered side tables and chairs

They displayed glass figures on the counter bar as well as boxes of the cupcakes. It shows simple yet elegant style. A bit toned down compared to the Custaroonery designs and concept.

display in the counter bar

They have a huge menu displayed for customers to see. Apology for the cost of cupcakes since it wasn’t captured in the photo. A piece of cupcake costs Php 40 and if I’m not mistaken, box of 6 is Php 235 and a box of 12 is Php 475. Will confirm as soon as possible.


They even have after eight dinner sticks. If you’re a mint lover like me, I bet you know these. They are chocolate sticks with mints inside. I love them! They cost around Php 225.

after eight dinner sticks

Now here are the cupcakes that were available during the time of our visit. Some cupcakes have no labels so I’m not sure what they are. I believe they have other flavors that I didn’t capture in photo. Will check them from time to time since I’m just in the area during weekdays.

red velvet cupcake

sea salt chocolate cupcake

green tea in butter and chocolate cupcakes

butter cream cupcakes

Gigi's Cupcake

Gigi's Cupcake

From all of those, I get to try their best seller: Red Velvet Cake. Others were the Sea Salt Chocolate, the Lemon cupcake and the Green Tea in chocolate. I love the red velvet and the sea salt. Their flavor is perfect. The softness of the cupcake confirms that it’s made out of the oven. The combination of saltiness and sweetness of sea salt chocolate is really good. The lemon is a bit sour for me. The green tea is great for green tea lovers. Hahaha! The bitterness of green tea and sweetness of chocolate feels weird to my taste buds. :p

Best Seller: Red Velvet Cupcake

In the end, I ordered a Box of 6 to share to Andrew and his siblings. They loved it too especially the Red Velvet. I’m sure will purchase more of Gigi’s cupcakes soon. :)

Box of 6 Cupcakes

By the way, for the drinks. We didn’t order coffee that time but we tried their Iced Lemon Grass Tea for Php 65. It tastes good but needs to add some honey to add sweetness. It tastes bland after some time because of the ice, I think. Next time, we’ll order their coffee. I want to try their White Chocolate. I think I’ll love it. Hehe!

I was fortunate to see Gigi that time. Finally, saw the brains behind the Custaroonery and GIGI. She was kind enough to take a photo with me even though she was busy entertaining friends and customers.

with Gigi of Custaroonery and Gigi's Coffee & Cupcakes

A new cafe in town that is definitely worth a try.


Have you tried GIGI’s coffee and cupcakes?
What’s your favorite drink and cupcake?

GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes
5 Eastwood Ave., Eastwood City Libis
(after Watsons and before BDO)
Twitter: @GIGIcupcakecafe

Food: Moshi Moshi at Regis Center, Katipunan

Months ago, we had this “Secret Circle” with my extended family. We were planning the golden birthday celebration of my Ninang (God Mother) so we decided to have a lunch out in Katipunan. I told them that I saw a new Japanese fast food chain in Regis Center and it’s kinda enticing.

We went to Moshi Moshi and they were dumbfounded with the KitKats. I told them that those were my collection when I was going to Japan for business trip back then. SO without hesitation, we bought some and ordered our meals.By the way, the KitKat is ordered separately.

Kitkat Flavors

Kitkat Flavors

The Kitkats are beside the counter since it is sold separately. It costs Php 100/box. So you can easily buy Kitkats even without dining in their store.

Moshi Moshi counter

The interior was nice. It’s mostly green and it has a good ambiance.

inside Moshi Moshi

Moving on, we checked out their laminated menu with the cute Japanese girl on it. They also have a 3D display of their menu that is very usual in Japan but I wasn’t able to take a photo of it.

Moshi Moshi's laminated menu

Here are some of the food we ordered:




California Maki

All in all, they tastes fine. Not something to brag about except for the takoyaki. It tastes good compared to the other takoyaki I ate before. It’s a good place to check out too for all you Japanese food lovers.

And I checked out their website for information and found something interesting. It’s about Sushi Etiquette.

Sushi Etiquette

Actually, I never thought of this before and it’s only now that I learned that I’m doing it the wrong way. I hope this helps your knowledge on eating Japanese cuisine.

Have you tried this new Japanese fast food chain?
What did you order? How did you find the food?


Moshi Moshi
2nd floor Regis Center #327 Katipunan Avenue Barangay Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City, Philippines
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 10:00 am-10:00 pm
Facebook Page:

A Birthday Surprise

A couple of weeks ago, I planned a surprise birthday for Gen and Zeny. However, due to some unforseen schedule conflict, Gen’s birthday was postponed to another weekend.

Zeny's Surprise Party in Casa Armas

After the success of Zeny’s birthday, she then took the responsibility of being in charge of Gen’s surprise party. Little did I know, they were planning a double surprise party for Gen and me! To cut the story short, I was indeed amazed with their effort even though I specifically informed Coe not to plan a party for me since I’m doing a Birthday Project. (Off Topic: Please support by donating any goods or cash for the benefit of Grace to be Born shelter.) Well, here’s a rundown of what had transpired that day.

Gen and Kath! not General Kath! :p

A Princess Themed McDonald’s Kiddie Party was held in Tomas Morato Branch. It was a rainy Saturday evening that’s why only a number of “surprised guests” arrived. Andrew was the one in charge of calling my friends but unfortunately only the Tomweb friends came since most of them are living far from the venue. Later I saw their messages thru sms and facebook and were apologetic because they can’t come. I’m totally okay with it since I never really knew they were coming. Hahaha!

Tomweb Friends

Of course, a surprise princess costume that was adopted from “My Amnesia Girl” movie together with a bouquet of flowers. Not only that, a dance with the bachelors was also done.

Dance with the Bachelors

Since Zeny was also a September baby, we had a celebrators picture with us looking like a princess!

Birthday Girls

Well, photo op is not new to us so here’s a group shot with “different” smiles. Hahaha!


McDonald’s crew was so nice to think of an adult game suitable for us. We were laughing out loud while they were practicing and playing the actual game. Of course Gen and I were not included since we were the “Princesses” that night! Looking at the pictures, it’s obvious that the Girls team won the game! Hahaha!

McDonald's Game

After we ate our dinner, we had the mascot appearance… and here’s Grimace to grace us with his/her dance number!

Group pic with Grimace

Finally, we had our Pinata box with goodies inside. We gave all the attendees loot bags too! Hahaha! Majority of the prizes will be donated to Grace to Be Born for my Birthday Project but some of them will be donated to other charities. Hopefully the balloons will last until the day we visit the shelter.

Pinata Box

As Coe said,A princess for a day but forever a princess in our hearts“. We ended the party with a light and happy heart even though only 1/4 of the expected visitors arrived. The remaining food, fries and sundaes were given to the kids outside McDonalds.

Coffee/Tea Break in WheatBerry's

We had our coffee/tea break in Wheatberry’s to calm down and lower our adrenalins. It was one exquisite birthday I/We ever had! It was my first time to celebrate my birthday in a restaurant! Hahaha! :)

On the day of my birthday, I had a simple dinner in our house with my family and Andrew.

Simple Dinner at Home

And yes, on that day I received a beautiful new toy: an iPod Touch! c/o my sweet, loving and caring Andrew. ^_^ (P.S. to my friends: We can now have another picture with Apple products! Hahahha! Finally, I’m one with you guys! :p)

My New Toy! ^_^

Thank you for all those who became part of my birthday. To those who remembered, unintentionally forgot, greeted me in facebook (even if I disabled my wall post), tweeted their greetings, sent me an SMS and to those who called, I really am truly grateful for your love and care. It is such a blessing knowing that I have my family and friends who will always be there for me no matter what. Another year has passed and a wiser me I hope.

Thank you Lord for this gift of Life! ^_^

P.S. Since I already have those Apple Apps, you can add me using the following usernames:

FourSquare – Kathleen Madula
Instagram – kathmadula
FaceTime –

You can also suggest what applications are recommended since I’m a newbie in Apple products. ^_^