Birthday Project 2011

It’s always nice to share to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Tomorrow, the start of “ber” months will be my birth month as well. Yes, I’m a September baby! A Libran to be precise. Hahaha!

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about zodiac signs or anything but an idea to start a project on my own for my birthday. Last 2009, when I was still employed in a Japanese firm, we had our outreach program with He Cares foundation. It was sponsored by the “September” celebrants employed in the company. It was a successful activity but wasn’t able to blog in detail what happened. In 2010, I wasn’t able to be part of any outreach program for my birthday but participated in our Christmas party in my new employer hosted. We helped the kids from Tahanan ng Pagmamahal and was able to mingle with the girls in the foundation.

This year, I’m thinking of raising up money and give donations in any kind for another foundation. I chose Grace to Be Born as the recipient of whatever donation or how much money I can raise for my birthday.

photo credits: Bo Sanchez Ministries

I’ll be creating a new blog dedicated for my birthday projects starting this year. I hope this project will bring hope to people and exercise their virtue of sharing. I would include their all the details relating to this project of mine.

So, if you’re a SEPTEMBER baby who wants to be part of this project, you can visit my¬†Birthday Project blog for details.

This is OPEN to ALL who are willing to share their blessings! I hope many would join me in this endeavor. Looking forward hearing from all of you! :)