It’s Time! Grand Prize – Claimed!

After the Press Conference, Tara Cabullo, Digital and Creative Marketing Analyst and Gregory Martin, Chief Strategic Marketing Officer handed me my prize: A Gift Certificate from Boracay Regency Lagoon.

I still have to get in touch with Tara for the plane tickets. We are planning to go there by August 28-30, 2010 since the 30th is a Philippine Holiday.

I am now researching on what to do in Boracay, will try to maximize our time there. I’ll make a draft IT for our Boracay trip. ^_^

It’s Time! to Tell a Friend Contest Grand Prize Winner

This afternoon, I received an email from It’s Time that I won the contest and tells me to claim the travel certificate.

I was not excited at first because I thought that it’s just a scam or something. If the information is true, they should have announced it somewhere. I searched for it in google and found their post in their Facebook account.

It's Time Facebook Page Wall Post

And it’s confirmed, I really won the contest.

For those asking how I joined the contest, here’s what I did to qualify:

Remember my post about investments in the Philippines? Before I post that, I was searching the web about good investment opportunities here in our country. And then I remembered the big billboard in C5 regarding financial literacy called It’s Time and browsed their website. I saw the link in their homepage that says “It’s Time to Tell a Friend.. Get a chance to win exciting prizes!“. Since I liked joining contests that doesn’t require money, I clicked it.

Here’s how the Tell a Friend Promo works:

  1. Visit and sign up as advocate.
  2. Click the “Invite-A-Friend” then enter at least 5 e-mail addresses of your friends.
  3. Aside from referring 5 friends, you must also post your story on the advocate page, to qualify for the promo. This means that you must post a pledge of personal financial commitment.

I joined the contest last June 16, 2010. (I checked my email the time I registered for It’s Time. ) Thank you for my friends who joined and registered to It’s Time. You’ve helped me get another raffle ticket and win this contest.

The email I received this afternoon was from It’s Time goes like this:

Congratulations! You are the winner of the It’s Time! to Tell a Friend Contest that we had since May. It was a pleasure reading your pledge. In behalf of all of us from Sun Life Financial Philippines, I would like to wish you luck in your future endeavors and investments.

Congratulations once again and we expect to hear from you soon.

I feel so LUCKY!!! I really can’t believe it. Thanks to Sun Life for this. I admire your effort to promote AN ADVOCACY ON FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR FILIPINOS.

I will update you once I claimed my prize. I’m just so excited!!!!

Here’s the advocacy I made in It’s Time (it’s almost the same with my blog post):