“Is it not the fast that I choose: to share your bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into your house; give clothes to those who have nothing to wear?… When you pray, He will answer you. When you call the Lord, He will respond” – Isaiah 58:6-7,9

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday that marks the start of the Lenten Season. When I went to St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church, I saw a little poster near the Pondo ng Pinoy box and a logo that says “Hapag-Asa“.


Luckily, when I arrived, the Parish priest was talking about it in the Homily. It’s the Catholic Church’s call to all who fast to share the savings they got from fasting. Since Lenten season means prayer, fasting and sharing (charity), it is the best time to exercise these actions.

Their call is to Feed a Hungry Child. I’m confused with the 2nd tag line means “It only takes a P10 a day or P1,200 for 6months!”. Does this mean we need to donate P1200? or should we donate whatever amount until 6 months? Errr.. Or simply it means that we give 1,200 to charity since it will only sum up giving only P10 per day just for 6 months?

Whatever it is, we Christians are called to answer this call from them. It was a joint partner with Pondo ng Pinoy, Assisi Development Foundation, Feed the Children Philippines institutions to help mitigate the malnutrition problem in the Philippines.

Let’s all share the blessings we have to the less fortunate ones and together we can help solve one of the problems we encounter not just in our country but in the whole world which is Malnutrition.

There are envelopes in all parishes of the participating dioceses for your donations or you can simple transfer or deposit your donations thru Metrobank, BDO, BPI, China Banking Corp and Security Banks.

You can also donate simply thru Globe postpaid/prepaid load:
Simple text FAC and send to 2899.
Ex: FAC 100
Amounts are P5, P15, P25, P50 and P100.

You can also donate via Globe G-Cash:
Text DONATEAMOUNT4-digit PinPONDONG PINOY and send to 2882.

To know more about the Fast..Feed 2011 program, visit the official site of Hapag-Asa.
Or call HAPAG-ASA 632-1001 to 03.

For inquiries, please contact:
HAPAG-ASA Secretariat
5th Flr Unit 503 Prestige Tower, F.Ortigas Jr. Rd., Ortigas Center, 1605 Pasig City
Tel: (02)6321001 to 03
Fax: (02) 6327844