2010 Fun Run: Run the Race – 3K for Kerygma

Last Saturday I ran 3K for a cause. We joined the K for K (Kilometer for Kerygma) headed by Bro. Bo Sanchez. The proceeds will be given to the foundations he built for our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

As early as 5:15am, me and Andrew arrived in SM Mall of Asia grounds and waited for Zeny and Pache to arrive. At around 5.30am, we are all set to warm up and run for the first time.

To start the event, Bro. Michael Angelo Lobrin welcomed all the participants with his ever lively aura that even his voice itself will energize you. We started with a warm up hosted by Fitness First.

After the warm up, the facilitators already called the 5K runners to get ready and proceed to the starting line. The 3K runners will run 5 minutes after the 5K runners starts followed by the 1K runner who will start 5 minutes after the 3K runners. The 100m dash of the kids will start after all the 5K-3K-1K runners finishes the run.

The marathon was no pressure since it is not time limited and it is considered as “fun run”. There were water stations along the route.

I was next to Andrew in the finish line. The timer says 29 minutes. After 5 minutes, Zeny and Pache arrived. While waiting for them, I already lined up in the photobooth sponsored by iFlick.ph. As Bro. Michael Angelo said, “When 2 or 3 are gathered, there is picture taking!“. That’s always true for us! :D

It was then I realized how flushed I was after the run. I always turns red whenever I play sports, any kind! Since I am a little bit tanned by the summer outings I’ve been to this year, my red face turned out as if my whole face was sun burnt.

After hours of heart pumping activities, we left the event with satisfied hearts both physically and emotionally. We’ll definitely do this again!

K for K – Run a Kilometer for Kerygma

“Calling all running enthusiasts, compassionate givers or just anybody who wants to have fun and enjoys fellowship!” – this was my friend Ate Pache‘s invitation to me in facebook. I told her I like to join the “runs” for a cause so she sent me this invitation.

So I also invite everyone to do something extra ordinary for those who haven’t tried this before. I’m sure this will be fun especially if you know that you’re helping build a good future for someone while running. At the same time, you’ll help yourself to be healthy too! It’s a Win-Win situation.

It’s a K for K event. This is a 2010 Kerygma Fun Raiser. The registration will start on April 25, 2010 in every Kerygma Feast held in major cities in the Philippines. The main event will be held at SM Mall of Asia Grounds at May 29, 2010, 5.30 a.m.

For more information, visit: http://www.lightfam.com/kfork/

Black Saturday – Manaoag Special

Around 1.30pm today, I received an SMS from my favorite priest Fr. Filemon Dela Cruz, O.P. and inviting me to watch the Manaoag Special in GMA 7.

Without any hesitations, I replied “Oks. Will watch!:)”.

True enough at exactly 2pm, the Manaoag Special was aired in GMA 7.

The photo below was taken in the year 2006 when we went to Treasure of Bolinao.

It was the history of the Our Lady of the Rosary, Manaoag Church in Pangasinan. I’ve been there several times especially when I go visit my “sister” Zeny Gomez and whenever I get the chance to go to Pangasinan, I always try my best to visit Our Lady.

I learned a lot from that mini special about Manaoag and appreciated more the Church and its history.

The best thing about the special? Is the appearance of Fr. Deng! hahaha. :) (artista na talaga.. ahahaha!)

* I liked the middle picture. :) *

Good Friday Procession

Every Holy Week, we join the procession since our extended family owns the Mary Magdalene statue. For this year, I only attended the Friday procession. This is shorter compared to Holy Wednesday’s procession. We are the 6th statue.

This year, Andrew joined our yearly procession.

After the procession, we let them had snacks in the garage.

Deaconal Ordination

Yesterday, I attended a Deaconal Ordination of Sem. Carlo del Rosario in UST Chapel. It was my first time to attend such occasion and maybe some of you might be feeling the same way we did. Since it’s a deaconal ordination, it’s one step closer to Priesthood. Let me tell you my experience.

March 19, 2010
Solemnity of St. Joseph


I arrived 5 mins before the celebration starts. I looked for Aisce and Ted since they were the ones I know who will come that day. It was like a semi-reunion with my fellow World Youth Day delegates. The Chapel was filled with priests and deacons and of course the family and friends. Aisce even told me that she wondered if she was in Heaven the moment she entered the Chapel. It was peaceful and joyful moment for everyone.

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Pope’s Lenten Retreat Message

I was googling for a Lenten Retreat schedules and then I saw this interesting article. It was the message of the Pope at the End of their Lenten Retreat. He was thankful for Fr. Enrico Dal Covolo who is a Salesian priest.

It always makes me smile when I’m reading something about Salesians as well as Thomasians. It felt like family.

Anyway, here’s the Pope’s message. It was inspiring! :)

Pontiff’s Address at End of Lenten Retreat

“Only in the ‘We’ of the Church Can We Truly Hear the Word”

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 28, 2010 (Zenit.org).- Here is a translation of the words Benedict XVI spoke this Saturday to those present in the Redemptoris Mater Chapel in the Vatican at the conclusion of the Retreat preached by Salesian Father Enrico Dal Covolo to the Pope and the Roman curia.

Dear Brothers,

Dear Father Enrico,

In the name of all of us present here I would like to say thank you with my whole heart to you, Father Enrico, for this retreat, for the impassioned and very personal way in which you guided our path toward Christ, on path of renewal of our priesthood.

You chose as your starting point, as an always present background, as destination — we saw it just now — Solomon’s prayer for “a heart that hears.” In truth, it seems to me that here the whole Christian vision of man is recapitulated. Man is not perfect in himself, man has need of relation — he is a being in relation. It is not his “cogito” that can “cogitare” the whole of reality. He needs to listen, to listen to the other, above all the Other — with a capital “O” — who is God. Only in this way does he know himself, only in this way does he become himself.

From my place here I always saw the Mother of the Redeemer, the “Sedes Sapietiae,” the living seat of wisdom, with Wisdom incarnate in her womb. And as we saw, St. Luke presents Mary precisely as a woman who listens from the heart, who is immersed in the Word of God, who listens to the Word, who meditates (“synballein”) on it, composes and treasures it, who carries it in her heart. The Fathers of the Church say that in the moment of the conception of the eternal Word in the womb of the Virgin the Holy Spirit entered into Mary through her ear. In listening she conceived the eternal Word, she gave her flesh to this Word. And thus she tells what it means to have a heart that listens.

Mary is surrounded here by the fathers and the mothers of the Church, by the communion of saints. And so we see and we have understood during these days that we cannot truly hear the Word in the isolated “I” but only in the “we” of the Church, in the “we” of the communion of saints.

And you, dear Father Enrico, have shown us, have provided a voice for five exemplary figures of the priesthood, beginning with Ignatius of Antioch and continuing to the dear and venerable Pope John Paul II. Thus we have truly again perceived what it means to be a priest, to become priests more and more.

You have also stressed that consecration is for mission, it is destined to become mission. During these days we have penetrated our consecration more deeply with God’s help. Thus, with new courage, we would like now to take up our mission. May the Lord help us. Thank you for your help, Father Enrico.

[Translation by ZENIT]

By the way, I am a subscriber of Zenit since we got back from the 20th World Youth Day. However, I don’t read it everyday and when I read this article I regret that I don’t read their newsletters. I’ll try to read those from time to time. It will definitely help my spiritual life.

Prosper Series Lesson 3: Grow

Last Sunday’s Prosper Series lesson was to Grow. To be able to be rich and wealthy, you should grow your inner wealth before you can grow your outer wealth. It is like a tree, if you see a strong sturdy tree you know definitely that the roots of it are stable and continuously growing making it firm.

He also said that we should focus on our Anointing, meaning our core gift. We can’t do something out of our circle of anointing. However, we can do something only if we plant a seed on it. For example, if you’re a dancer you can’t dream on becoming a Broadway singer. It is because your core gift is being a dancer. But good news, since God is an awesome God, we have the chance to be a good singer if we want provided that we start planting a seed on becoming a Broadway singer. Attend classes, develop your skills, etc. Eventually you’ll be a good singer too.

As for me, I think my core gift is being a multimedia inclined person. Maybe in music too. I’ve been planting seeds in many pots but unfortunately I don’t water them regularly. Maybe some of them died already but I might be lucky if some of them just needs some watering and a little bit of sunshine. I just need to get back on them one by one and see where my core gift really is.

Do you know your core gift?

Prayers for Rain

At present, the Philippines is suffering from drought conditions. I think some of the towns are already in the state of calamity because of this. That’s why we should all be praying for rain to come. Here are prayers that was forwarded to me by email.

1. Prayer for Rain

O God of all goodness and provident care,
we call upon your compassion.
We are so very dependent on you, O God, for all that we need.
See our parched earth, so desperately in need of rain.
See our parched and empty hearts, also in need of spiritual refreshment.
Forgive the many times when we have wasted water
or have abused creation in any way.
Just as you have made the rain fall from the skies in times past, O God,
we humbly ask you to bless our earth with gentle rain.
As we see the dry hills and thirsty ground,
may we humbly remember that we depend upon you,
creator of the universe and of all humankind.
But as we ask for rain, O God, we also
ask for protection for those areas recently ravaged by fires.
May your holy angels protect our brothers and sisters
from floods, mud-slides and all danger.
Please send grace, strength and the necessary resources.
to all of our brothers and sisters whose lives have been ravaged by natural disasters.
May they courageously rebuild their lives and find new hope in you.
We are confident, O God, that in your mercy and providence,
you will hear and answer this prayer
and all the prayers which we carry in our hearts.
We ask these blessings
through the intercession of Jesus our Brother,
and Mary, our Mother and Queen. Amen.

2. Prayer for Rain


3 . Prayer for Rain

Farmers and gardeners alike all have to pray for rain periodically.
This prayer can be said in conjunction with the novena to St. Isidore.

O God, in Whom we live and move, and have our being, grant us rain, in due abundance, that, being sufficiently helped with temporal, we may the more confidently seek after eternal gifts. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Prayer Source: Novena in Honor of St. Isidore: Patron of Farmers by National Catholic Rural Life Conference and National Catholic Rural Life Conference

7 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Last Sunday, together with the 2nd lesson on Prosper Series we were given a booklet 7 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Bo invited everyone to fast even for 7 days. This first week of March, hundreds of people who attended the Feast fasted and prayed together.

As for me, my fasting is only to eat ONE MEAL a day. No snacks or candies. Just one meal. At first it’s hard since I always eat snacks and candies from time to time. Eating one meal makes you dizzy at first but eventually your stomach will adapt to it and I guess your stomach will be smaller compared before. During the 7 days, I always get tempted to eat a small portion of sandwich or so but fortunately I had control over it. From Monday to this day, I only eat either Lunch or Breakfast. I must say that if you do this kind of fasting, Lunch is the better option, but others would say Breakfast. Whatever it is, still you have to eat just one meal.

Everyday, before going to bed. I read the passage or reflection for the day. There were questions about faith and your action to the Lord’s teaching. Your personal reflection and prayer for the day is also written on the space provided. For me, it’s a good way to evaluate yourself. A way to know what you become after these years, what is lacking in your life, the things you should be grateful for, issues you have in the past that you haven’t resolve yet, and many more. I believe that this practice doesn’t need to be done only during the Lenten Season. You can do it everyday so that you’ll feel more closer to God and you’ll get to know yourself better. To know yourself means loving yourself more. It will be a nice feeling and you’ll feel at peace with yourself.

I don’t know if I can religiously do it everyday but I’ll try to. I hope many of us will do the same. There’s nothing wrong with it and besides with all the things happening in the world today, the earthquakes, the drought, etc. we all need to pray! God bless us all.