Convenient Travel Begins At The Trinoma Clark Airport Lounge

Named one of today’s top travel destinations, the Philippines readies itself for a surge in both local and foreign tourists in 2013. In light of pronounced efforts to boost tourism in the country, Ayala Malls is one with the Department… Continue Reading


2011 September Travel: Bangkok, Thailand

True to my goal this year, I wanted to visit Bangkok! Luckily, my friend Reg booked a low fare flight in Cebu Pacific that made our trip possible. Again, as usual our trip was a DIY plan so we were… Continue Reading


A Family of Palawanderers

This adventure happened last April 2011. After the Golden Wedding celebration, the couple had their Honeymoon a.k.a Family Reunion in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. What we did was very similar to what I had before but this year it was sunny… Continue Reading


2010 August Travel: Singapore Day 1 – City Tour

We got a promo fare from Cebu Pacific that cost us around Php 4500 plus travel tax Php 1620 and terminal fee of Php 750. Reg and I availed the GoLite promo since we want to budget our shopping expense… Continue Reading


2010 Palawan Getaway Day 1: City Tour

We are flying Cebu Pacific going to Puerto Princesa. Since we availed for the GoLite promo we are not allowed to check in our baggages unless we are willing to pay an additional Php400. (Tip 1: Unless you’re sure that… Continue Reading