BPI Real Thrills December 2011-January 2012

It was only now I learned about the thrills of BPI for December to January 2012. All the while I thought they suspended their thrills since I didn’t get flyers that usually comes with my monthly bill.

Anyway, thanks to Manila Life I was able to know about the latest BPI Thrills. Again, their partner establishment is none other than Jollibee!


image credits: Life's Journey

The minimum total amount required for a single charge slip is Php 2,000. I feel it’s a bit higher nowadays, I remembered they have treats before that only requires Php 1,000.

Required Minimum Single Receipt Transaction
FREE Jollibee Food items
1 order of 1-pc. Chickenjoy/ Chicken BBQ with rice
2 orders of 1-pc. Chickenjoy/Chicken BBQ with rice and 2 orders of Regular Yum
1 order of 6-pc. Chickenjoy Bucket/Chicken BBQ Bucket and 3 orders of Jolly Spaghetti

PROMO PERIOD: December 14, 2011 to January 31, 2012

Redemption of Jollibee treats is until March 31, 2012.

It’s a Chicken Joy treat once again!


Check out the promo for February to May 2012.

BPI Real Thrills August-November 2011

Did you ever get to eat in Chowking for free for the last 2 month’s BPI treat? I was able to claim 2 meals for that promo. Now, BPI Real Thrills for August to November 2011 has already started. Check out what is in store for us from BPI.

Thanks to Philippine Promos I was able to see what’s the latest treat from BPI. After Chowking, now it’s back to Jollibee!

image credits: Life's Journey

Again, BPI partnered with Jollibee with an improved version of their previous promos. Instead of having a fixed meal for each BPI receipt, we are given a chance to choose from the promo menu. We can now have a variety of meals for each transaction we have with BPI. Not only that, they even included raffle coupons for Kids parties! I’m sure a lot of parents will benefit with these kind of treats from Jollibee!

So here’s the MENU for BPI Real Thrills August-November 2011:




1pc. Burger Steak


Cone Twirl



1 Regular Yum

Peach Mango Pie


1 Spaghetti

In summary, one order is comprised of one main dish and one dessert.

So here’s the transaction breakdown:

P2,000 receipt – 1 order
P6,000 receipt – 3 orders
P12,000 receipt – 6 orders

For Kids Parties*, the higher the value you redeem, the more chances of winning.

Minimum single receipt redeemed of:

Php 2,000 = 1 raffle entry
Php 6,000 = 2 raffle entries
Php 12,000 = 3 raffle entries

*worth P6,000

PROMO PERIOD: August 12 to November 02, 2011

Redemption of Jollibee treats is until January 01, 2012.

I’m not quite sure about the Kids Parties raffle though. I may have to confirm it with Jollibee the next time I go there.

So shop now using your BPI credit card to enjoy the treats from Jollibee. However, always remember to be a wise spender! ^_^