BPI Real Thrills May-July 2011

As we all know, BPI are giving away freebies for loyal customers like me. After the treats last Feb-May 2011, here’s the new treat for May 21-July 31, 2011. Thanks to Jenny of Palengke Queen for updating me and my readers as well.

image source: delivery hotlines

BPI is now partnered with Chowking for a free meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) when you get to purchase Php 2,000, Php 5,000 and Php 10,000 using your BPI Credit cards. Well, compared with other promos of BPI, this one requires a bit higher amount to purchase before you can enjoy Chowking meals.

Amount: At least Php 2, 000

Longaniza or Beef Tapa garlic rice

Chicken Mami merienda size with 2-pc siomai (Pork/Beef)
Pancit Canton merienda size
Halo-Halo with 1 scoop of ice cream

Pork Chao Fan with 2-pc Siomai (Pork/Beef) or 2-pc Lumpiang Shanghai
Chorizo Chao Fan with 2-pc Siomai (Pork/Beef) or 2-pc Lumpiang Shanghai
1-pc Chinese Style Fried Chicken

Amount: At least Php 5, 000

King’s Special garlic rice w/ 2-pc siomai (Pork/Beef) & Halo-halo Funsize
Boneless Bangus w/ rice, 2-pc siomai (Pork/Beef) & Halo-halo Funsize
2 orders of Longaniza w/ garlic rice, and 2-pc siomai (Pork/Beef)

Pancit Canton, Halo-halo Large w/ 1 scoop ice cream
Emperor’s Beef Mami, Asado Siopao Large; 2-pc siomai (Pork/Beef)

Any lauriat meal with regular Halo-halo

Amount: At least Php 10,000

3 orders of King’s Special with garlic rice
3 orders Longaniza & rice and 3 Asado Siopao Large, 3 orders of 3-pc siomai (Pork/Beef)

Pancit Canton platter Small w/ 3 Asado Siopao Merienda and 6-pc siomai (Pork/Beef)
3 Wanton/Chicken Mami, 3 Asadp Siopao Merienda and 6-pc siomai (Pork/Beef)
3 large Halo-halo with 1 scoop ice cream

3 Lauriat meals (any combination of Orange Chicken, Breaded Pork or Breaded Fish)
6-pc Chinese style fried chicken w/ family plain rice

Redemption of Chowking meals is until 29 September 2011.


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