2011 September Travel: Bangkok Day 3 – Shopping Day and Swensens

On our last day, all we did was to shop! Bangkok is the place to be for cheap clothes! We can’t decide how to go about our direction inside the market since it’s too big. We ended up going on way and didn’t explore the side streets. We shopped for 2 hours or so in Pratunam Market first because it was right across our guest house.

market 1

Pratunam Market

We need to check out before 12noon because the guest house will charge us additional day if we don’t check out on time. So shopping nearby was a good strategy for us.

market 2

Inside Pratunam Market

After checking out, we were invited to eat for FREE Lunch since the house is celebrating their 13th anniversary. They said that they’re doing this tradition every year. So, hint for all those who want to have free lunch in Four Seasons International House, book during the 3rd week of September. Be there by September 21 to be exact. So moving on the day, we went to Platinum Mall to shop again. This building is like 168 in Binondo. A 5-storey building with 4 Zones! It’s like Megamall with Mega A, B, C and D. Imagine how big?!

swensens ice cream (1)

Swensen's Bangkok

By the afternoon, we had our break in Swensens Bangkok that is also in Platinum Mall but you have to go outside the building. Have you tried eating in Swensens? If not, better try the one we have in MOA. It opened last September 15, 2011 if I’m not mistaken.

swensens ice cream (2)

Swensen's Cute Glass

We both had our own treat of ice cream! A chocolate basket for me and a chewy choco for Reg! The ice cream was just enjoyable!

swensens ice cream (3)

Chocolate Basket

swensens ice cream (4)

Chewy Choco

swensens ice cream

Reg and Me in Swensens Bangkok

Also, since Mc Donald’s was nearby, we took a picture with Ronald McDonald doing the “Sawadeeka” position.

mc do

Mc Donald's Sawadeeka

The day ended around 6pm because we have to go back to the hotel to pack again. Our pick up time to airport was 7pm and our flight was scheduled 12.40am the next day. That’s pretty much what we did for 3 days in Bangkok. I hope you had fun reading our adventure. We do like to go back for more activities but that will have to wait.

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2011 September Travel: Bangkok Day 2 – Siam Niramit

After a long day in Ancient Siam, we watched the best cultural show in Thailand: Siam Niramit. We only got the Show tickets without the buffet since we don’t want to stuff ourselves again. We bought it thru Nim for just Bht 1100 and that includes the transfers. This is cheaper compared to the published rates displayed infront of the entrance gate.

Siam Niramit Published Rates

Siam Niramit Published Rates

Siam Niramit Grounds

Siam Niramit Tourist Info

Inside Siam Niramit grounds, you’ll also see Elephants that you can ride for Bht 100/person and the Thai village where you can see Thai people making their traditional food on their small houses. It was again a field trip for us.


Thai Village

A group of Thai were also dancing their cultural dance while waiting for the theatre to open.

Cultural Dance

Thai's Cultural Dance

Around 7:45pm, the theatre hall was open to the viewers. Photography is also prohibited so they require you to deposit your cameras in the package area.

Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit: Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam

A cultural theme park, this enchanted kingdom transports visitors to a Disneyfied version of ancient Siam with a technicoloured stage show depicting the Lanna Kingdom, the Buddhist heaven and Thai festivals. Elaborate costumes and sets are guaranteed to be spectacular both in their grandness and their indigenous interpretation. – by the Lonely Planet

The stage of Siam Niramit is certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the highest in the world.  And yes, it really is high! You can see the actors fly and swing in the stage! The show was indeed spectacular.

Siam Niramit Gate

Siam Niramit Gate

In the first part of the act, it talks about Thai’s history and festivities. In all honesty, it was good but since we’re really tired, we dozed off for some minutes. Hahaha! We woke up because of the rain effects and the river and water scenes! Amazing how they turned their stage into a river!

During the intermission, they asked the participation of one of the audience to be part of the musical show they are conducting. They had this bamboo instrument that when you shake it, it will produce a sound. I think it is called Angklung if I’m not mistaken. I know how to play one since we have those in our Music class during my High School years.

The second act was more colorful and lively than the first act. This time, we were wide awake because we already had our power nap. This part of the show reveals how Thai people illustrate their heaven and hell as well as how life is when they reach Nirvana.

As Nim mentioned on our first day tour, Thai people don’t steal in temples because they believe that they will become a monster creature on their second life. No wonder their temples are well maintained and still in good condition after all these years.

Towards the end of the show, during the Nirvana stage, the elephants we saw outside were also part of the show. They again asked a number of audiences to be part of the last act. They just have to let the floating object with candle flow in the river on the stage. Pretty awesome really!

The show ended with confetti effects and with a standing ovation. It’s one way to appreciate and learn about their culture in just a matter of hours. If you happen to visit Bangkok, Thailand, you must include this to your must-see attractions.

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2011 September Travel: Bangkok, Thailand

True to my goal this year, I wanted to visit Bangkok! Luckily, my friend Reg booked a low fare flight in Cebu Pacific that made our trip possible. Again, as usual our trip was a DIY plan so we were able to experience the joy and difficulty of commuting in Bangkok.

bangkok trip 2011

Bangkok Itinerary

September 18: Evening flight to Bangkok

September 19: Half day City Tour (free), Gem/Jewelry Shop, Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha; The Grand Chao Phraya River Cruise at night

September 20: Whole day adventure to Muang Boran: Ancient Siam; Cultural Show: Siam Niramit at night

September 21: Whole day shopping adventure and Swensen’s Bangkok

September 22: Dawn flight to Manila

Guest House: Four Seasons International House (will eventually be called “Four Seasons Plaza)
Tour Guide: Nittaya Paneechart (NIM) of Acer 88 Travel
Taxi (can be hired to tour around Thailand): Mr. Suwit – Mobile: 089-2213435