Movie 2011: Dolphin Tale

A beautiful story about friendship and family.

Main Cast
Harry Connick Jr. as Dr. Clay Haskett
Ashley Judd as Lorraine Nelson
Nathan Gamble as Sawyer Nelson
Kris Kristofferson as Reed Haskett
Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Hazel Haskett
Morgan Freeman as Dr. Cameron McCarthy
Austin Stowell as Kyle Connellan

To see the whole cast, visit IMDB: Dolphin Tale.

Movie Summary
A lonely boy found a dolphin that was hurt because of a crab trap. He manages to untie him before the rescuers came. He visit the dolphin named as Winter almost everyday of his summer. He became attached to the dolphin and doing his best to take care of her especially when her tail was cut off because of the injury. He was always there for Winter and gives him hope that she would be able to swim again like the normal dolphins. With the help of Dr. Cameron, who was expert in Prosthetic created a tail that would help Winter to swim again. Through the staff and Sawyer’s patience of helping Winter to survive, she was able to swim like the other normal dolphins again.

Winter’s situation inspired all people who had problems in their physical aspect to never give up. Their disability should not be a reason for them to stop dreaming and believing in their capability.

In the end, the Marine hospital who was taking care of Winter was saved from being sold and was given a funding for the hospital’s renovation and other financial matters. He was told that as long as Dr. Clay runs the hospital, the benefactor would always be there to help him.

Moral Lesson
There are many quotable quotes in the movie about courage and hope. Some of those were:

Never give up…
Family is Forever..
When you’re hurting, it doesn’t mean that you’re broken..
Great Things Can Come From A Crab Trap
Just cause we haven’t got to where the star is taking us doesn’t mean it’s the wrong star. –Dr. Cameron McCarthy

My Reaction
A movie that gives you hope and makes you think of what’s important to you. I like the whole story and I even got teary eyed in many scenes. A lot of touching situations that will surely make you sigh and would definitely touch your heart. It gives you hope and make you aware of the reality that we have plenty disabled brothers and sisters that needs our support and encouragement.

It’s not always that we see films that are based from a true story. I like how they incorporated the actual one after the movie. You can even visit Winter in her website: See Winter.

A light movie and an inspiring one. Two thumbs up for the creator of the film. ^_^