Winter Season

After almost 2 months of not blogging, I’m back! There have been a lot of changes lately that made me missing in action. Yeah I know I’m just making excuses but well, yes I really am.

To give you an update, I just moved out and now living with my Uni friend. That means I was busy fixing our new apartment and making our house look tidy. It was my first time ever to actually move out and be on my own. I realised that it is way too different from moving to live in a dormitory in University since I need to have my “own” furniture and stuff. I was lucky I had friends and family that gave me hand-me-down stuff and I end up not buying much for myself. The only problem was the coordination of moving the furniture from one place to another. And to add, moving it up to the top floor of the building where we’re located. It was hard to move to and from the apartment and I eventually got blisters on my feet because of moving around. I was a bit worried coz I might get different injuries and viruses since I’ve got exposed wounds everywhere. What if I catch bacteria and develop a disease or something. There might be a possibility that I will have a hard time to research how to remove warts since there’s a chance I might get one. Yikes! Enough of those, going back,  until now we still have little bits of things that we need in our apartment.

On the other hand, it’s winter season in Australia! I remembered wishing to have a winter season in the Philippines but now that I am experiencing that I’m having second doubts if I like it. It’s pretty damn cold these days and I’m making it as an excuse for not updating my blog. Hahaha! My fingers are getting numb so I can’t be bothered to type and use my laptop. I surf the internet using my smart phone and that’s it. I can’t update my blog at work too so that’s one of the reasonsssss why my blog is not updated. As of writing, I’m wearing 2 layers of clothing plus a throw and a purple hand gloves wit ha yellow bow that I borrowed from my housemate, Reg. I wear 3 layers of clothes in the morning to office but thank goodness the building has a centralised heater so it’s not that bad inside.

I have nothing interesting to say at the moment, only my whining side is active. I wish I can re-arrange my system to religiously update my blog as it’s a good practice for me to share, reflect and improve my english as well.

What do you prefer? Summer or Winter?


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  • Kim April Pe

    lol. welcome back! happy to see new updates from you. we don’t like winter either, especially when it gets negative. sana summer na!

  • http://kathmadula.com/ Kathleen

    Thanks Kim! Grabe ang struggle mag-type, ang lamig na nga pati yung laptop eh malamig din! Hahaha!