Christmas Day Celebration 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…“, as the famous Christmas song goes. Well it is for me and for the most of us I assume. This year, I’m celebrating it with my “relatives” and friends in Sydney. It’s not my first Christmas here coz we celebrated Christmas 2009 here as well.

Nativity scene during the family mass

We had our Family Christmas Eve mass last night at St Mary’s Catholic Church where I actually see Cate Blanchett in person. Serious! I shook hands with her during the giving of peace. She looks sssoooo divine! I remembered Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit which will be shown by tomorrow here in Australia. Gah, if only I can take a photo with her, that would be so cool. However, it is inappropriate considering that we’re in the middle of the Eucharistic Celebration which is supposed to be the center of the day’s event. Besides, it’s the Child Jesus who was born. I love how the children portrayed the Nativity scene. It is just awesome!

Before I forget, I will also share a short video that was shown during the Youth Mass that night. It was my first time to see it and I was really amazed with the production. Here’s the video: A Social Network Christmas.

We had our Noche Buena at Mascot and had our Christmas dinner at St Leonards. We had dinner that was cooked by Gracelyn with the help of Jaime Oliver‘s recipes. We had turkey, ham, garlic & chilli prawns, green and macaroni salad, garlic bread and desserts. We were all stuffed with these yummy dishes.

Garlic & Chilli Prawns

Stuffed Turkey

After dinner, we had our family picture by the Christmas tree and the most awaited part, gift giving! We all had a wonderful time opening the gifts and saying thanks to everyone.

Gift Giving

Gift Giving

Happy ‘ME’ receiving such wonderful gifts

It was really a wonderful day filled with laughter and love. I hope everyday is Christmas day. Merry Christmas everyone! May you all remember that the true meaning of Christmas is always in our hearts. May we celebrate and be joyful for the Lord’s coming and gave us the greatest gift of all.

Family Picture, Christmas 2013


How did you celebrate your Christmas?