2013 Fun Run: The Sun-Herald City2Surf Fun Run Experience

Last Sunday 11th of August 2013, I ran my longest K to date. Hahaha! The farthest I ran was 3k and it was I think 2 years ago. My friend Reg registered me for this fun run early this year. She got the early bird price ($65) so I was “in” even before I actually landed in Australia. It was a good thing though because I don’t have to pay the full price of $80.

The City2Surf is an annual event here in Australia. It is a 14k fun run starting in the City (Hyde Park) to Bondi Beach. It started 42 years ago and you can see more about its history in theirĀ About page. So I’m not here to talk about how City2Surf started and all the sponsors, I’ll just tell you my journey and victory as well. Hehe!

Since I arrived in Sydney, I started to walk, jog and run around the block. It’s my “preparation” since I really don’t run for more than 500m. But I trained for only a month, running 3k on the treadmill 3x a week. It’s not religiously so don’t be fooled when I say “I trained“. Well, at least it paid off. Hehe!

On the day of the run, I met Reg and her friends at Hyde Park around 8:00am since our time is due at 8:30am. I was worried we won’t see each other because of the busy street and massive crowd who joined the run. Luckily we managed to see each other. We started jogging together then split from time to time.

It was VERY tiring and I feel like collapsing during the Heartbreak Hill run. I think my leg muscle wants to scream and let loose in the world. Good thing we survived! Thanks to Gatorade, which I only knew its benefits until that day. I may sound like an ad but it really quenches your thirst and definitely gives you energy to carry on. A big thanks to the kids who gives lollies and cookies to the runners with matching cheer boards and high fives. I almost forgot, a special thanks to the Chinese girl who ran with a statement shirt saying “I might be slow but I’m still infront of you” written at her back. Whenever we saw her, we try to out run her every time. Almost 3k’s left, Reg was further away from me. I was with Teejay by then, a new found friend who was also a first timer.

Official race time!

I finished the run in 01:59:26! Not bad for a first timer, right? *good job* (TJ’s right beside me by that time so more or less we have the same finish time. Reg on the other hand finished 4minutes ahead of us)

Official Photo that I’m thinking of buying as a souvenir!

I was lucky to see official shots of me during the run and would probably buy one for souvenir. You can view my shots and even see my video before the finish line here.

Got my first medal of the year for finishing the 14k run! Hoorah!

So what happened after the run? I’ve got a terrible sore calves! I had to put on a LOT of muscle pain reliever as soon as I got home. Hmm, should I do it next year again?


Are you a runner?
When & Where was your last run?


  • Kim April Pe

    i’m a runner and a poser as well. hahaha! 10k hirap na hirap pero fulfilling. :) nice job Kath!

  • http://kathmadula.com/ Kathleen

    Onga, lawit na dila namin pagdating ng finish line! Thanks Kimmy! See you soon. ;)

  • Hender

    Ayos! Sige run more. Next time uli! galeng =)

  • http://kathmadula.com/ Kathleen

    Hahaha! Onga, masaya naman pero super nkakapagod. :p Sali ka na din next year. hehe.

  • Hender

    oo ba. ako pa. runner ako talaga eh. basta pwede kang sponsor.hehehe… =)