Random Wednesday: Pandora Series – First Set of Charms Collection

Pandora is a jewellery brand that has a wide range of products. They’re known for charm bracelets that you kinda build as time goes by. Well, it all depends actually but basically it’s just a bracelet with charms on it. They are similar to brands like Trollbeads, Novo Beads, etc. A particular website names Charms Addict, has I reckon the most detailed bead collection to date.

Anyway, I’ve known this brand way back the 90’s. I saw it from my cousin (and now my roomie) and I loved the idea. That time, I can’t afford to buy those kind of stuff. If ever I did have extra money, I’d always opt to save or buy something more useful. So I end up not buying a Pandora bracelet.

It was only this year that I’ve decided to purchase one when I had the opportunity. I don’t have any tangible collections from my travels, only pictures! Its probably be a nice idea to “collect” somthing, thus the thought of getting a Pandora.

I managed to save money for my dream purchase. I compared the price in the Philippines vs US and found out that it is cheaper in the US/Canada. They even have promos from time to time. So when I visited the US, I grabbed the opportunity to buy one.

I actually didn’t buy the bracelet. It was a wonderful gift from my friend Maan! I stayed in their place in San Leandro, CA for a week and she even gave me a Pandora bracelet. How awesome was that!

Pandora Silver Bracelet from Maan

I’ve saved around $60-$70 for that silver bracelet and that gave me an excuse to buy more charms than planned. Maan accompanied me to a Pandora store in one of the nearby malls and luckily, they are on moving out sale! (Another blessing!) Every charm is 20% less than the original price. Without hesitation, I chose the first 3 charms that I would buy. Why 3? Hhhmm, I think that’s the least number of charms that looks good as is. Maan suggested it too, I guess. Hehe.

So my first charms are as follows:

The Good Fortune Money Bag represents the “USA” because of the $ sign print on it. I also like to think of it as a good fortune charm like what it’s really called.

The Suitcase represents travelling. A lot of you know that I LOVE travelling. I’d save just to travel. That suitcase would probably the best representation of that. There’s a passport charm released lately that could’ve been the most appropriate thing. Too bad I already have one.

The Purple Flower represents myself? Hahaha! I like to add color to my first collection and purple is my favorite color. I love flowers as well so this charm probably fits that description.

My first set of Pandora charms

This is how my actual Pandora bracelet looks like at the moment. I’m so excited to fill this up with meaningful charms. It makes me smile just by looking at it. Don’t you? Looking forward to my next purchase. :)


Do you have a charm collection?
How many do you have at the moment?

*official Pandora charms grabbed from Pandora Australia’s website

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