Random Thoughts: Travelling

It has been a while since I published a travel post. Based from my timeline, last I wrote was about our Singapore trip way back early last year. Until now, I haven’t finished sharing my trips last year. This year, I’ve started travelling last February and every month after it. So this is one of the reasons why my blog is just boring.

Anyway, in the hope of giving its life back, I will do my best to share with you my experiences. Although it might not be as descriptive and detailed like it used to be, I hope somehow you’ll learn something and be inspired from it. Let me start with sharing my thoughts on travelling.

I’ve always wanted to see the world. It’s a bit far fetched for me during my years in school as we are not a rich and wealthy family. We live day by day, not poor though but rich with friends and family’s love. Hahaha!

August 2005: WYD delegation during the Papal Vigil

Some of you already know my first international flight was way too magical. It was just a dream but later a reality. It was in Europe. I am forever thankful to be part of UST Delegation for the 20th World Youth Day. It was both an exquisite encounter of the youth and the world. You probably already know about this craze as every year, I feel attached whenever the World Youth Day is celebrated in one part of this World. Luckily, since the year 2005, I always knew someone who went to the next WYD celebrations! So I get to have souvenirs from wherever. Hehe!

August 2005: Eiffel Tower, Paris

After that breath-taking experience, I always see myself in the airport excited to see and explore a different city once every year. I think the Lord knows how ecstatic I am whenever I land to a new country that’s why he somehow gave me a way to fund this “hobby” of mine. Thanks Papa Jesus!  :)

Travelling always gives me this excitement that I can’t explain. My friends always ask me what I gain with it. Seeing a new country means saving money for you to be able to survive at least for 3 days.  I am always delighted to see their culture and how they live their lives. I also get to see first hand how amazing the Lord’s wonders are. Truly, you will be grateful and be blessed to have lived a life of miracles.

Travelling taught me a lot of things. From the time I prepare and schedule our itinerary, budget my expenses up until we set foot on that country. The discipline and promptness when I get to the airport to check-in our baggage, the need vs want attitude when I want to buy something to save money, the humility I must have when I get there coz I really don’t know much about their country, and the respect to their culture and how they see life are some of the things I learned thru my travels.

In the last 2 years, I am grateful to have been wandering a lot. I even prioritize my travels than my work! However, I remembered that I can’t fund my travel if it weren’t for work so I need to work hard to play hard!

Checking my blog, I realized that there were lots of travel posts that weren’t published yet. I usually have a notebook of Itinerary and a notebook of expenses but lately, I lost track. Hahaha! I only got to note the major expenses and just budget an estimated amount for food and other stuff.

March 2013: Universal Studios Hollywood

This year 2013, I had 2 international trips and some domestic trips in just 4 months! Last February in the USA, March in Japan, April in Davao, May in Bohol and an upcoming Australia bound by end of May so I can probably count it as the month of June.

April 2013: Disney Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Last year 2012 was a blast too! If you saw my 2012 summary, I also got to see 3 international countries and domestic trips as well. I first went to Singapore on February, Kuala Lumpur on August and South Korea by November. The domestic trip was a whale shark experience in Donsol, Sorsogon and a beach bumming in Coron, Palawan by May of that year.

Again, I am no rich kid. I save for my future travels and even sacrifice a nice bag, dress and even a pair of shoe just to fund my activities. I’ve been a travel addict lately and although I’m broke unlike any other years, I just feel proud. One quote I saw online: “once you’ve got wanderlust in your blood, you’ve got it for life.” Agree, 101%!


What’s your thoughts on travelling?


  • http://chenmeicai.blogspot.com Chai Chen

    Great travels Kath! Wish to travel with you one time ;)

  • http://kathmadula.com/ Kathleen

    Thanks Ate! :) Yup, I hope so too! Miss the old days ;)