Yummy Friday: KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich

New Year, New Beginnings! There’s a new sandwich in KFC! The KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich!

KFC BBQ Shredder

The KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich was developed for people who crave for something new to experience but still find comfort in the familiar. It is a different sandwich experience because it is made of a unique mix of ingredients served in a soft Kaiser bun. It has tender chicken shreds drenched in delicious smoky barbecue sauce that makes each bite more flavorful that your usual burger patty. It also has fresh lettuce and tortilla chips, giving this chicken sandwich some added crunch.

KFC BBQ Shredder

This sandwich got me at first bite. The shredded chicken and the barbecue sauce was a delight to my taste buds. The addition of the tortilla chips make it more crispy and yummy. The sauce also has a mushroom flavored something. I’m really not sure but maybe because it was smoked? Hahaha! Whatever it is, I enjoyed every bite!

KFC BBQ Shredder

There’s nobody who enjoys eating so good food more than Filipinos and we want to do right by them with something new and exciting as we begin 2013,” says Natalie Perez, Marketing Director of KFC Philippines. “The BBQ Shredder Sandwich is a fun and unusual take on the chicken sandwich. With it, KFC hopes to inspire people to make changes in their daily lives – no matter how small. It could be as easy as shredding your usual choice and trying out this new sandwich.

KFC BBQ Shredder

The BBQ Shredder Sandwich will be available in all KFC stores nationwide starting 11 January 2013 for Php55.00 and Php85.00 as a meal combo with fries and drink.

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