Beauty Picks 2013: NYX, Le Faerie, Sleek Divine, Charm and J&C Cleaner

Last year, I’ve started buying a LOT of beauty stuff. This year, I promised myself not to buy something I already have since I tend to buy more than I usually need.

Here’s my random beauty haul from late last year up until this year. I’m not a beauty expert, I just want to share the make up and beauty products I use. I haven’t tried most of them too. Hehehe.

1. NYX Stick Blush

I bought 2 sticks, Tea Rose and Hibiscus shade. The Tea Rose is more reddish in color than the other. The Hibiscus as a peachy shade I think. I have a blush stick from ELF and it’s almost finished so I tried this one. I gave the Tea Rose to my mom and I got the Hibiscus one. So far, they’re working how they are supposed to be so I’m pretty satisfied with the results.

Cost: Php 250
Where to buy: DigitalTraincase Multiply Site

NYX Stick Blush in Tea Rose and Hibiscus

Stick Blush Swatches: Tea Rose and Hibiscus

2. Le Faerie’s Contour/Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve heard about this brand from my friend in the office. She attended her basic Makeup class held at her condo in Eastwood. I learned that she supplies makeup set to some makeup schools and artists as well. You can check her other products on her Facebook Page. I haven’t tested it yet.

Cost: Php 700
Where to buy: Le Faerie Facebook Page

Le Faerie Cosmetic’s 001 Palette

3. Sleek Divine’s ACID Palette

I really wanted to own a palette that has a bright and colorful shades. I’m really eyeing on the Beauty Pro Crazy Palette but the price is so steep for me. So I decided to look for a cheaper alternative and found this. I’m no expert with makeup so I’m just taking chances with the colors available. If I have the money, I’d rather buy the Crazy palette over this since a LOT of beauty bloggers tested it and really recommends it. I still haven’t tried it. Hahaha!

Cost: Php 680
Where to buy: DigitalTraincase Multiply Site

Sleek Divine’s Eyeshadow Palette in ACID

4. Charm Travel Pro Brush Set & Retractable Flat Top Brush

The famous and well loved brushes by beauty bloggers! My first Charm brushes were the crease brush and the stippling brush. Since I’m so happy with these 2 brushes, I decided to buy a set for myself that I can bring while travelling. The Charm Travel Pro set is perfect for me.

Cost: Php 2,000 (Charm Travel Pro – got this on sale!); Php 600 (Flat Top Brush)
Where to buy: Beauty & Minerals Multiply Site

Charm Travel Pro Brush Set

The Flat Top Brush has a soft bristle that is so nice to brush on the face. I use this when I put on my daily BB Cream or foundation. It gives an air-brush effect making you look fresh and flawless all day.

Charm Retractable Flat Top Brush

If I have the capacity, I’ll grab all their brushes without second thoughts. Hahahaha!

5. J&C Super Clean Solutions & Innisfree Brush Cleaner

I first bought a brush cleaner when I went to Korea. I use it sparingly since I can’t buy one here in the Philippines. Good thing I heard of J&C Brush Cleaner that is recommended to be used for Charm brushes and other brushes as well. Both can clean my brushes but the main difference would be the smell.

The J&C Cleaner has a strong alcohol smell unlike the Innisfree that smells like a soap. So I use both depending on my mood.

Cost: Php 480 (J&C Cleaner)
Where to buy: Beauty & Minerals Multiply Site

Brush Cleaners: Innisfree & J&C

That’s about it. I’m not sure when to purchase another bunch of beauty hauls since I’m saving for some upcoming trips I planned for the year.


How about you?
What are your latest beauty hauls?