A Sneak-Peek into Google’s Knowledge Graph

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Google Knowledge Graph

The article you’re about to read provides an insight into the new tool provided by Google, known as the ‘knowledge graph’. It’s compiled by SEO specialists at Smart Traffic, an award winning SEO company based in the UK.

Ever seen a panel that contains a Wiki-like entry on Google? At some point, we may have all come across it but never really minded it that much. It’s one of the most recent features of Google’s search engine page results, the Knowledge Graph or KG.

KG is like a preview of a person, a thing, a place, or anything that you type in the search box. If a query is about a famous person, it will give you a background of the individual’s life complete with pictures and accomplishments as well as search results related to that person. Some graphs, on the other hand, serve as a preview of a web page.

Try typing Lady Gaga on the search box. Hover the pointer over the first hit and a panel containing the “Born This Way” singer’s Wikipedia page will come into view. It also highlights some milestones in the pop singer’s life, including when she was born and when she rose to stardom.

Google explained that it’s one way to discover more about the query. KG’s “People also search for” urges you to click and click.

More importantly, it uses an algorithm that filters the most accurate results for a certain keyword, regardless of various references in books, music, and literature.

It also analyses the relationship between a query and the info most people would like to obtain from it. Based on this fact, Google’s Knowledge Graph generally functions as a compilation of what you like to know and what you want to know.

Google CEO Larry Page acknowledges that the service is far from completion, pointing to internationalisation as one of its biggest challenges, according to a recent interview.

It remains to be seen what a fully operational Knowledge Graph looks like. If you have not tried using it and you would like to know further about its features, learn further by reading Knowledge Graph: Explore Google’s Search Database.


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