Yummy Friday: KFC Mac & Cheese Bites

It’s been a month and a couple of weeks already when KFC launched their Macaroni & Cheese surprise in the form of Mac & Cheese Bites! Apologies for my late post but nevertheless I will give you some of my thoughts.

KFC Mac & Cheese Bites

It was delivered hot & fresh so the excitement of getting a bite is overwhelming! I shared some with my colleagues and asked them to share their thoughts afterwards.

KFC Mac & Cheese Bites

I began to uncover the box and saw 5 pieces of bite-sized cheesy brown balls!

KFC Mac & Cheese 5 bite-sized cheese balls

I hurriedly got one and have a bite of its crispy brown cover that is crunchy with a creamy center filled with soft macaroni pasta and bits of bacon in cheese sauce, making every bite just so good.

KFC Mac & Cheese Bites

I was able to finish the whole box and later asked my teammates who had a bite how they feel about it. They all have positive comments but one particular comment that most of us, yes, including me stand out. It might be tasty and yummy but the cheesiness can be overwhelming as you finish the whole bites. 3 bite-sized goodness was enough for me, for some only 2, others were asking for more though. It depends on one’s tolerance with cheese I guess.

As for me, I’ll give 3/5. This snack is perfect for cheese lovers out there. I bet you’d ask for more. :)

The Mac & Cheese Bites will be available in all KFC stores nationwide for Php49.00 and Php79.00 as a meal combo with fries and drink.

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Have you tasted KFC’s Mac & Cheese bites already?
How did you find it! Share your thoughts! :)