Let’s Move & Let’s Love

We choose to move or love when we do a good deed, say a kind word, extend help, give generously, and make time for people. We might not always feel like doing these nice things but when we choose to move and love, we choose to act.Nuffnang Team

September is my birth month and I’m choosing to do an act of love. One of my life’s principle was taken from an American Proverb – “A joy that’s shared is a joy made double. As I’ve mentioned in my so called speech in DBS recognition day early this year, I’ve always been blessed to have a good life. It’s not as extravagant as you think but just enough to live a decent life. There are times that I need to sacrifice and compromise but either ways, I learned to survive.

In the Philippines, street kids and poor families has always been a problem. As much as I want to help poor families, I don’t have that much. I cringe whenever I see kids roaming around the streets asking for money and families in bridges without a home. I have this feeling that I need to do something to help. I may not be able to give all of them but somehow in my own way, I know I can.

Last year, my Birthday Project was born. It was fortunate that I have a friend who also desires to do the same so we joined our forces. It was a joint personal project of me and my friend Coe for the benefit of Grace to Be Born shelter. This year, I decided to give back to my Alma Mater who somehow made the person I am today. Luckily, Coe again supported me and decided to make it a joint project once again. The birthday project is in lieu of our traditional birthday celebrations. Instead of hosting a party for family and friends, we decided to host a party for Don Bosco School’s street children. A fusion of catechism that focuses on gratitude and a children’s party would definitely a great deal for us.

Birthday Project 2012

We choose this humble activity to share and spread love to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. It might be a small thing for some but this is definitely a big thing for them. This is our act of love. We’ve always been loved by family and friends and it’s better to share it with others. It’s surely a great gift of love, presence and hope for everyone.

Recently, Benetton fragrance launched a campaign that I feel suits me. These new fragrances from benetton gives you the sense of doing an act of kindness:

A humble act of love coupled with a fresh new scent, perfect combination!

How about you? What’s your act of love?

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