Cook Differently with Maggi Magic Meals

A few weeks ago, maybe you noticed the #m3 tweets and posts that get your curiosity mind think what could it be? The wait is over as last September 6, Nestle launches another game-changing innovation, the Maggi Magic Meals.

These Maggi Magic Meals is said to be the First in the world recipe solution designed for a rice cooker! Imagine?! This would be the best thing in the world for me. Hahaha! As Star Estacio, Senior Vice President and Business Executive Manager for Food at NESTLÉ said, “With today’s busy lifestyle, many are finding it hard to sit down to a hearty, wholesome, balanced meal at home, much less cook one themselves.” Thus, this wonderful creation from Nestle is the answer to busy bees like me.

So what is this Maggi Magic Meals all about? The recipe solution is not just a regular recipe mix but offers a simple yet effective method of cooking using a rice cooker or even a traditional Kaldero! ^_^

One might ask the difference between this Magic Meals to other Maggi products such as the Magic Sarap, Magic Sabaw and Magic Sinigang. These mixes are not considered complete recipes but a seasoning that enhances the flavor of dishes while the Magic Meals is a complete recipe!

Maggi Magic Meals in different flavors

Here’s to give you an idea what’s inside the Maggi Magic Meals pack:

Maggi Magic Recipe Mix - guaratees a complete and proper blend of flavors. No need to add anything else except the meat and the vegetables.

Maggi Magic Cooking Bag – where you place the mix with the meat and veggies.

You place the whole bag inside the rice cooker. The cooking bag ensures that the meat and vegetables cook in its own juice at the proper doneness, and the sauce develops into a thick and hearty consistency. There is no need to keep checking for doneness or to keep correcting the sauce for the right “timpla.” It’s just less than 1 hour!!! How amazing is that?!

Now, anyone can cook! With this M3 (Maggi Magic Meals), anyone can gain instant know-how in cooking some of the most complex Filipino recipes. Pinoy favorites like Bicol Express, Afritada, Lechon Paksiw and Chicken Pastel can now all be prepared in a method that is as easy and as simple as cooking rice. It’s SRP is just Php35.

The back packaging of the Magic Meals will guide you how to use the meal mix

Again, to prepare the dish, just follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Place your chicken or pork pieces together with thinly sliced vegetables inside the MAGGI MAGIC COOKING BAG (chicken has to be scored or sliced lightly 3 times per side to ensure thorough cooking; pork pieces need to be sliced into thin strips)
2. Add the MAGGI MAGIC RECIPE MIX which contains a complete blend of flavors to create a delicious stew. No need for additional ingredients, except the fresh meat and vegetables.
3. Add 6 tbsps. of water into the cooking bag.
4. Massage the bag gently to dissolve the mix, then seal the bag by tying a knot.
5. Place the cooking bag flatly on top of washed rice, then start cooking the rice as you normally would. After 45 mins, both rice and “ulam” are ready to serve!

Everyone can enjoy food at an instant. No worries, no stress and not to mention less washing of dishes too!!! Who wouldn’t want that?

This is what MAGGI believes in:

MAGGI believes that cooking and eating at home is the foundation of many positive things for the family- developing healthy food habits, strengthening family bond, deepening family traditions. For this reason, we are committed to keep offering products and services that will enable homemakers to bring back the habit of cooking and make their meals and meal experiences truly magical.

These Maggi Magic Meals are available in these branches:
all branches of SM, Robinsons, Shopwise, Rustans, Waltermart, and Puregold Price Club & Jr.
Aside from these stores, it is also available in specific stores in the following areas:
GMA – Landmark, South, Llana’s, Ever, Cherry, Parco, Budgetlane, Pioneer Center, Isetann, Ng Chain, Tropical, Sta. Lucia and Hi Top.
Visayas - Metro Gaisano, Gaisano Grand & Capital, and Iloilo Supermarket
Mindanao – NCCC Mall & Main, Felcris Ilustre, Gaisano Mall (Davao), and
Gaisano Mall (Cagayan)

Check out Maggi Facebook for details as well as Cook Differently website for more.
*photos grabbed from Maggi’s facebook and website.

Have you seen this MIX in the stores already?
Have you tried one? How’s the taste?


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