BPI Real Thrills September-November 2012

I’m not sure what was the Real Thrills last August 2012. The last post I published about BPI Thrills was last April to July 2012. Anyways, here are the thrills for September to November 2012.

BPI is back in partnership with Chowking! Too bad there will be no other options compared to the treats in Pizza Hut, DQ and Taco Bell.

Check this table grabbed from BPI Mag’s website:

Required Minimum Single Receipt Transaction FREE Food Items

PHP 2,000

One (1) order of 1-pc Chinese Style Fried Chicken with rice


One (1) Chinese Sausage Special Chow Pao + One (1) order of 3 pc. Siomai

PHP 6,000

Two (2) orders of Oriental Beef Bowl + Two (2) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao


Two (2) orders of Fish Tausi Bowl + Two (2) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao


Two (2) orders of Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl + Two (2) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao

PHP 12,000

Choice of any Three (3) Lauriats (Orange Chicken, Shanghai Lumpia or Breaded Fish) + Three (3) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao


Choice of any Four (4) Chef Bowl (Oriental Beef, Fish Tausi Bowl) + Four (4) Chinese Sausage Chow Pao

Promo period is from September 12 to November 15, 2012.

Redemption is until January 14, 2013.

So easy to redeem!

  1. Visit any Chowking branch nationwide.
  2. Present your BPI Express Credit card used for the transaction.
  3. Surrender your qualified original charge slip or cash advance transaction receipt (minimum single receipt purchase of P2,000, P6,000, or P12,000).

Enjoy the month’s treats from Chowking! ^_^


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