Pond’s Flawless White and Age Miracle

Recently, I attended my first ever beauty blog event. I was excited but at the same time a bit nervous because I’m going see the top beauty bloggers in town. I do admire them and haven’t got a chance to mingle with them. Since I’m a noob, I was the only one wearing jeans that night Hahaha! I should have worn a cocktail chic attire. Anyway, I’ll just share how the night went.

The event happened in Midas Hotel in Pasay City. It was also my first time to go to there. Luckily, my friend Elaine is working there as a Marketing Specialist. So while waiting for the event to start, I joined the ocular inspection of one of her clients.

After some time, I also met Maan of Ogilvy, again for the first time. We were requested to go to the Executive Lounge together so we were gathered in the lobby. I saw familiar beauty bloggers like Nikki of Ask Me Whats, Tara of Chronicles Of Vanity and Shen of Shen’s Addiction. Later I get to know Martha of The Beauty Junkie, Lace of Style and Relax and Angel of Lush Angel. They were all good looking gals.

Beauty Bloggers with Pond's Uniliver

The event as I’ve mentioned was in the Executive Lounge where they really turned into a wonderful venue. The stage, table with flower arrangements as well as the product display area. The room was a delight in my eyes.

Pond's stage

table arrangement

The event started along with our sit down dinner from Midas Hotel. The intimate venue made it very conducive to learning about the product. The host for the night was Jules Gollayan, Assistant Brand Manager of Pond’s.

Jules Gollayan

The welcoming remarks was done by Jacqe Yuengtian, Brand Manager followed by Zo Aguila, Media Partner for Pond’s Philippines who shared her personal experience on choosing the right skin care products.

Jacqe Yuengtian

Zo Aguila

Finally, Dian Yu, Assistant Brand Manager didn’t made us wait for long and informed us what to expect for the night. She also introduced the main speaker who came all the way from Pond’s Institute in the US to talk about the product in detail.

Dian Yu

Dr. Helen Meldrum, scientist in Pond’s Insititute in New York, told us how Pond’s Institute carefully studies skin care and how to take care of it. She showed survey made as well as tests done to see the improvements that needs to be done to achieve younger looking skin.

Dr. Helen Meldrum

The discussion was very informative and I learned a lot. It was only now that I knew I should’ve started using products that contains anti-aging creams or dose up some moisturizers when I hit my 20’s to be able to preserve my youthful look. Some say I look mature for my age but some say I look young. So I really don’t know who to believe in that case. For my peace of mind, I do want to look younger than my actual age so I’m excited to use the Age Miracle line. I now use the eye cream of this line.

Pond's Age Miracle

Pond’s Turns Back Time

Offering their most revolutionary formulation in anti-aging to date—New Intelligent Pro Cell Complex™—Pond’s institute gives your skin the chance to boost its skin renewal power. A sophisticated and unmatched skin solution, it combines the power of up to six bio-actives and the natural processes of your skin to comprehensively ensure that age simply cannot catch up.

These six bio-actives include:

  • CLA, the miraculous ingredient that stimulates skin cells thus promoting faster cellular turnover;
  • Retinol, the best-proven ingredient that works to produce and repair collagen;
  • Two Retinol Boosters that accelerate epidermal rejuvenation;
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which exfoliates skin by removing skin-dulling dead cells;
  • Glycerine which moisturizes the skin;
  • and 12HSA which works deep within skin to renew skin cells and adapts to the unique genetic framework of skin.


However, the Flawless White product line also appeals me and I got pretty much the whole product line. So, I’m giving my Age Miracle to my mom but keeping the Age Miracle Sensitive for my usage after I finish the Flawless White line.

Pond's Flawless White

A Synergy Of Beauty And Science

A breakthrough innovation in skin-lightening, the new GenActiv™ Formula in the new Pond’s Flawless White is a result of 10 years of research on more than 20,000 gene codes in the Pond’s Institute. They discovered that a certain set of genes influences skin darkening by triggering melanocytes – the melanin producing cells – to produce more melanin that eventually makes skin darker. The new Pond’s Flawless White combines Niacinamide with 12 HSA, two potent ingredients, which goes deep down the skin’s basal layer – preventing genes to trigger melanin production. This and other vital whitening ingredients such as SPF 18 PA++, Allantoin and Optics System make the new Pond’s Flawless White Pond’s most advanced and effective whitening technology yet. The result? Spot-less white radiance like never before.

The new Pond’s Flawless White with GenActiv™ Formula delivers visible results to empower women to confidently step out to the light. This revolutionary innovation from Pond’s once again proves that the brand is always at the forefront in providing the best skin solutions for every Filipina.

Pond’s promises to see results as early as 7 days but to be able to see the full effect, it is recommended to continue using the product.

with Dr. Helen

I had an awesome time with the beauty bloggers as well as the Unilever staff. I also get to see in person famous model Apples Aberin who I think is an ambassador of Pond’s. She’s really beautiful!

with Apples Aberin (sorry for the blurred picture)

There were 2 more surprises that night. Pond’s Philippines raffled one iPad with Pond’s branding at the back. Nikki of AMW was the lucky blogger who took home the iPad.

Nikki won the iPad raffle

Another surprise is for us as well as our readers. A chance to win a Trip to Bali for 2! You just have to simply share with them the most romantic moment you’ve ever had with your special someone. Check out Pond’s Philippines Greatest Acts of Love.

Celebrate romance this February with Pond’s! Show off your youthful glow with the Pond’s Age Miracle Valentine’s promo. From February 14 to March 15, 2012 post a photo or video of your Greatest Acts of Love on Pond’s Facebook Wall and get the chance to win a romantic getaway for two in one of Asia’s most gorgeous destinations—Bali. The chosen winner must present a valid receipt to show purchase of Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream (50g) bought in any Watson’s branch during the promo period. Make your Valentine’s more memorable and exciting with beautiful and younger-looking skin only with Pond’s. Visit www.facebook.com./pondsphilippines to know more about this exciting event.


After the launching, I had a chance to mingle with the beauty bloggers. My apprehension of them subsides after! Hahaha! They look intimidating at first but they’re really friendly and fun to be with. I’m really thankful for Ogilvy and Ponds Philippines for inviting me to the event.

For more details, you can visit Pond’s Philippines online accounts:

Pond’s Philippines Website
Pond’s Philippines Facebook page
Pond’s Philippines Twitter page
Pond’s Philippines Youtube

Disclaimer: This post is not paid. It reflects only the honest and truthful opinion and actual experience of the author.

Have you tried the Pond’s Age Miracle and Flawless White line?


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