2011 December Travel: Davao – Day 3: Paradise Resort, Samal Island

Paradise Island is very proud of its humble beginnings. What started out as a weekend picnic destination back in the seventies, catering mostly to friends and their families has become what it is today as not only the preferred island getaway for families but is also the byword for those growing impulsive groups who are so busy and yet wise enough to squeeze – in leisure in their hectic schedules at the spur of the moment…. – Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Our second day was meant for beach bumming! So we decided to go to Samal Island for some R&R time. Hahaha!

We went there via RORO. I forgot how much it cost but it’s more convenient for us to bring the van with us. The first time I went there, the water is in low tide so we have to walk almost a kilometer just to reach the water. So I didn’t enjoy that much.

Things you can do in Paradise Island

Luckily, the second time was a good one. It was a good day to bum around. We ordered food for lunch so that while waiting, we can swim around.

The boys kayaking

We tried their kayaks for 30mins. We took turns so that everyone would have a chance to try it. We had a little battle going to the beach boundary line back to the shore line. I’m not sure who won but we were laughing out loud while kayaking. The people were watching us since we were the only ones who rented the kayaks that time.

After the allotted time, we were already tired. We swam a bit and were back to our place. The boys played the billiards too but I didn’t join them. I think I’m busy surfing the net since wifi is available in the resort. Hahaha!

Seafood feast!

Our lunch came few minutes after we had our swim. It was like a seafood feast! However, the seafood paella is not that pleasing. I can’t figure out the taste. I mean, that’s not the paella taste I know.

Fresh Buko Juice

Everything else was okay. There’s nothing much I can rave about but the serving was big so it was enough for sharing.


Another thing amazing was the acrobat or magic show while we were having our lunch. Our place was near the stage where the performers do their trick. We find ourselves watching them too! It was pretty impressive for a free show. The kinds had fun too especially during the magic tricks.

Mini Bird Zoo

By the afternoon, we played volleyball for an hour since the rent of the ball is per hour. It was girls vs. boys and obviously, the men won. I missed playing volleyball that’s why I was ecstatic when we played. Along the way going to the court, you can see different live birds exhibited in the area. It was like a mini zoo of birds there.

Port of RORO

We headed home before the sun sets and we all got our tans! Hehe. ^_^

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