2011 November Travel: Ilocos Day 2 – Pagudpud

A full day of touring Northern and Southern Ilocos. We hired a tour guide for Php 1000, good for 3 persons. However, since he’s using a tricycle it is recommended that you bring a cap and long sleeves for the person who would be sitting at the back of the driver. It’s a long ride and the heat of the sun might burn your skin.

check out the plate number! it's the reverse of our Vigan's kalesa plate number! :)

We visited around 7 places in one day. See the places we’ve been to in chronological order.

1. Bangui Windmills
The first time I went to Ilocos, these are not yet built. It was also my first time to see a windmill up close. I don’t know how tall it was but it’s really gigantic.

2. Cape Bojeador
The lighthouse was open to the public before, however this time it was already closed. I’m really not sure what the reason was but maybe for safety reasons. Nothing much to see though.

3. Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
Another wonderful creation. This was formed because of the sea waves. I never thought that there could be anything like this in the Philippines. It would be nicer if there were numerous rock formation but this was the only one created by nature. The tryk parked somewhere and we have to walk for about 15-30mins just to reach these rocks. It’s worth it. A wonderful nature’s view coupled with a windy atmosphere. It makes us want not to go back the tryk. Hahaha!

4. Picture taking at Pagudpud landmark
A Pagudpud landmark was built near Saud beach. We had our pictures taken for souvenir! ^_^

We had a lunch break after that. We ate in Papa Nards, a small carinderia near the Municipal Hall. We then ordered some Ilocano cuisine but I can only remember Higado. Afterwards, we continued our adventure. Though the weather was not that cooperative that time, it didn’t stop us to explore the region. Here are the sites we’ve been to after lunch.

Ilocano cuisine

5. Patapat Viaduct
A long winding road going to Cagayan Valleys. We were lucky to see a rainbow that day.

6. Bukal (Paraiso ni Anton)
A very cold water used by tryk drivers as well as the locals for cleaning and sometimes drinking. However, we are advised not to drink from it because we’re not used to. We might end up with an upset stomach afterwards.

7. Hannah’s Resort, Blue Lagoon
Since the weather was not that good, we didn’t appreciate the famous Blue Lagoon. I hope the next time I go back to this place, I would be able to see the heavenly blue lagoon.

We stayed in Blue Lagoon for an hour and went back to our stay. We wanted to witness the sunset in Saud beach that’s why we opted to go back early.

making empanada

By dinner time, we headed to the Municipal Hall vicinity for some food trip. They say that empanadas were sold during the night so we went there to taste the famous Ilocano empanada. We also had barbies and balut that time. It was such a cool way to end the day.

bbq and balut while waiting for the empanada

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