Lazer Maxx

One weekend, we were invited by our friends to play Laser Tag in Greenhills. I’ve heard of it before but I haven’t actually experienced playing it so I grabbed the opportunity.

We carpooled from Ortigas to Greenhills. It is located in the Roof Deck of Greenlanes. Just beside Sbarro and above the Shoe store.

Luckily, we are quite a big group that’s why it was fun. The more the merrier! We were grouped in 3 groups, the maximum group they have I guess since they have 3 colors: Blue Team, Red Team and Green Team. There will be an instructional video before you suit up for the game.

My first group was in Blue Team. We were assigned on the upper area while the Red and Green team are located in the lower area.

First Round: Blue Team

It was dark inside and all you can see is the color coded spots of your vest and your laser gear. I am no expert with these kind of games that’s why all I do is tag whoever I saw in the area. It was quite tricky because you should also be on guard since when someone tagged you, your gears will be disabled for a couple of seconds before you can tag again. Be sure you remember what name was given to you. You can check it on your laser gun for reference.

After the first game!

At the end of the game, they will print your accuracy level and how many time you were tagged, where you were tagged and all the numbers. Hahaha! :)

Waiting for our 2nd round of Laser Tag

We had 2 rounds of laser tag game. On our second game, I was in the red group. I was positioned on the lower level that’s why I can’t tag people. I just positioned myself in one area. Hahahaha! It was fun and tiring too!

Group Picture on 2nd Round

By the way, the highest scorer wins a glass of Iced Tea. :) It is recommended to bring your own water because you’ll get exhausted after the game. An extra shirt is a must too especially if you have an active sweat glands.

End of the Game

It was fun playing with the team. I definitely recommend it with my friends. The experience was awesome! ^_^

Going Home after playing Laser Tag

Lazer Maxx Laser Tag Arena Greenhills
Php 190 for 15mins
for more details, call tel. no. 584-5958/ 727-9948/ 726-6517/ 0922-8764962

Very similar to this: http://www.lazermaxx.com/


  • Lisa

    Is it 190 per person?

  • http://www.kathmadula.com Kathleen

    yup Lisa, 190 per person. :)

  • Anonymus ^_^

    I saw on one website it’s 390 pesos for 30 mins. Is that True?

  • http://www.kathmadula.com Kathleen

    Really? I think it’s just 380 for 30mins. I’m not sure though if they changed their rates already. I haven’t been there again.

  • John

    i heard theres one open on the highway of EDSA is it true? and how much is each round?

  • http://www.kathmadula.com Kathleen

    Hi JOhn, I haven’t heard of it.. where did you get that information? I just know that they have a branch in Market Market. :)

  • Jen

    Hi Kath, is LazerMaxx @ Greenhills still open? :”> Thank You

  • http://www.kathmadula.com Kathleen

    Hi Jen, I guess so. You can try to call them to confirm. :)

  • Bry

    Me and my friends just played in LazerMaxx Greenhills. The Lazer tag experience was fun but the guys who assisted us were so RUDE. Some even raised their voice on me and my teamates. We were a group of 12 and they were disrespectfully rushing us to wear the suit/guns and play. And we’re not even the wild or rowdy kind of group. Go to other Lazer tag arenas if possible. Disrespectful attendants might ruin your mood.

  • http://www.kathmadula.com Kathleen

    So sad to hear your experience.. they should really improve their service. I hope to try other lazer tag in the metro. Thanks for the tip. :)

  • http://www.themaineflair.tumblr.com Maine Aquino

    Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely try this out soon! :)

  • http://kathmadula.com/ Kathleen Madula

    You’re welcome. Thanks fro dropping by. :)

  • Kimpatrickmiraflores

    can it be birthday party

  • http://kathmadula.com/ Kathleen

    Hi Kim, nnI’m not sure about holding a party in Lazer Maxx. Maybe you can coordinate with them and ask if it is possible. Thanks! :)